Osceola turns focus to drawing in commercial business

Osceola passes initiative to draw in business

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 city overflowing with industrial jobs is now focusing on expanding its commercial opportunities.

It’s through a new ordinance passed by city council, allowing Osceola to offer incentives to draw in new retail businesses.

Osceola has huge opportunity when it comes to industrial jobs, but those require a certain skill set.

Mayor Dickie Kennemore has turned their focus to a wider variety of commercial jobs, that give opportunity to a larger group of people living in Osceola.

“We have a lot of people here that just have a high school education, they have no training, no background in anything, and they’re struggling, but they want a job,” Kennemore said. “This will give them the opportunity to work and that’s good for everybody, good for the local economy, and they”ll pay taxes, and they’ll have better self-respect, and it serves the community because they have better quality of life.”

The city will now be able to offer grants to each new business coming in.

Each grant will depend on several things, the number of employees living in Osceola, the amount of money the business will bring in, and more, making it a win-win for the business and the city.

Mayor Kennemore said foremost he’s focusing on bringing in a new supermarket and hotel.

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