New tax scam hits Missouri residents

New tax scam hits Missouri residents
New phone scam focuses on taxes. (Source: KAIT-TV)

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KAIT) –A new scam is hitting Region 8 residents and it’s about your taxes.

State Treasurer Eric Schmitt issued an alert Monday to Missouri residents warning them about a new telephone scam.

Schmitt’s office recently received a call from a citizen after she was contacted by one of these scammers.

She said someone called claiming to be from the Department of Revenue, stating she owed over $1,000.

They tried to get her to make a payment over the phone, using a credit card.

When she refused they then tried to persuade her to send a certified check to the Department of Treasury at a post office box located in St. Louis.

Schmitt said he wants to keep this from happening to others.

“As treasurer, it is my job to protect Missouri taxpayers,” said Schmitt. “I want all Missourians to know my office is not responsible for collecting taxes and will never call demanding payment. Anyone who receives such a call should report it to the proper authorities immediately.”

The scammers are also using a fake caller ID that features a phone number belonging to the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office.

Schmitt said citizens are urged to provide no personal information to these callers.

The Department of Revenue will always contact citizens by mail regarding any tax-related issue.

Anyone receiving one of these calls should hang up and call the Missouri Attorney General’s office at 886-289-9633.

You can also contact the United States Treasury Inspector General at 800-366-4484 or call the FBI field office near you.

Law enforcement has been contacted about this issue and it is under investigation.

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