Tuesday’s GMR8 Foxhole with Trey & Jim

Tuesday’s GMR8 Foxhole with Trey & Jim

HILLSBORO, OR (KAIT/NBC News) - Christmas comes early for an Oregon student as she was chosen to light the nation’s capitol Christmas tree this year.

Tuesday's GMR8 Foxhole 10-16-18

Oregon governor Kate Brown paid a visit to Jackson Elementary Monday where she delivered the exciting news to Brigette Harrington.

The fourth-grader won an essay contest talking about what she loves most about her state.

Brigette’s work stood out the most among over 1,200 entries.

She cried tears of joy when she learned that she will get to light the Christmas tree.

Brigette and a family member will also get a free hotel stay in Washington, D.C.

Every year since 1964, a tree is selected for the capitol from a different national forest.

This year the tree is coming from the Willamette National Forest in Oregon.

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