Jonesboro club fined for failing to be “good neighbor”

Jonesboro club fined for failing to be “good neighbor”

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Claiming it failed to be a “good neighbor,” the Alcoholic Beverage Control board fined a Jonesboro private club and placed it on probation.

During its Oct. 10 meeting in Little Rock, the ABC board fined Mango’s Grill, 2213 Caraway Rd., $2,200 and placed it on one-year probation.

According to online documents, the club is accused of furnishing alcoholic beverages to a minor, allowing non-members, furnishing alcohol to an intoxicated person, and “failure to be a good neighbor.”

During that same meeting, the board also fined Skinny J’s, 205 S. Main St., of advertising the availability of alcoholic beverages in a dry county. The documents stated this was the second offense within one year. The board fined the restaurant $400 and placed it on 120 days probation.

The 501 Club, 2628 Phillips Dr., was fined $200 and placed on 30 days probation for also advertising alcoholic beverages in a dry county.

The ABC board also found the following area businesses in violation of their permits:

  • Spankey’s, 24841 Hwy. 37 North, Newport—Operator allowed consumption after hours; failure to cooperate with ABC Enforcement. Fined $1,000 with 120 days probation.
  • Thunderbird Country Club, 2909 Case Ford Rd., Heber Springs—Permittee was drinking on duty, operator drinking on duty, operator sold alcoholic beverages to an intoxicated patron (8 counts), operator allowed non-members (3 counts), operator served non-members (3 counts), operator allowed open containers to be carried from the permitted premises (2 counts), operator allowed alcohol to be sold outside permitted premises (2 counts). Ten days suspension, five days concurrent with board decision of April 11, 2018, suspension.

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