Improved weather conditions have soybean farmers optimistic

New weather conditions have soybean farmers optimistic

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Farmers have taken an early hit this harvest season, but the change in weather is keeping them optimistic.

According to a report from Talk Business & Politics, excessive heat and heavy rain has early soybean crops suffering across the state.

Craighead County Extension Agent Chris Grimes said it’s no different here in Region 8.

Environmental conditions have promoted disease and lower quality soybeans, causing farmers to take hits on their price.

“The growers are assessed a penalty because of damaged grain,” Grimes said. “There’s a wide range as far as how much is damaged and it’s all determined at the elevator.”

However, the recent drop in temperatures is keeping farmers hopeful.

Grimes said if the humidity stays low and the temperatures stay cool, the remaining soybean crop could be much higher quality.

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