Imperial Theatre still rebuilding

Imperial Theatre still rebuilding

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) -A Region 8 dinner theatre has had to rebuild alot.

The Imperial Dinner Theatre in Pocahontas has dealt with damage more than once over the past seven years.

The theatre was initially heavily damaged in 2011′s floods.

Then last year’s flooding caused problems yet again.

The rebuilding process is currently underway and they’re preparing for another flood.

Metal siding is lining the walls and the damaged framework is being replaced with metal.

Studio Director at the theatre Ariel Avery said they’ve been through a lot, but they keep going for the love of the arts.

“We get to bring kids in and show them what the arts are all about," Avery said. "You know that’s kind of a dying thing in our community and our world really, that people don’t really get to experience the fine arts.”

Avery said that she grew up in the theater and wants her newborn daughter, Ella, to be able to do the same.

The Imperial Theatre still needs volunteers, and their recent Facebook post calls for folks who can install windows and do plumbing, but Avery says they’ll take any help they can get.

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