Arkansans paying less for gas, but still more

Arkansans paying less for gas, but still more

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It sounds like a riddle: Arkansans are paying less for gasoline but still more than they did before.

Gas prices in the Natural State have fallen 7.9 cents in the past week to an average price of $2.35 a gallon, according to That’s also 26 cents lower than last month.

Despite the significant drop, Arkansas drivers are still paying 7 cents a gallon more than they did at this time last year when the average was $2.28/gallon.

While it might be more than motorists paid in 2016, the average price is much less than what they were paying at the pump in 2013:

  • $2.28 in 2017
  • $1.90 in 2016
  • $1.95 in 2015
  • $2.70 in 2014
  • $2.96 in 2013

To find the cheapest gas in your area or on the road, visit our Pump Patrol page.

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