Mostly cloudy morning, storms on the way

Bryan's Wednesday forecast

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Good morning, Region 8. It’s Wednesday, April 17.

Weather Headlines

Skies are mostly cloudy this morning with light south winds.

Temperatures held near 60 overnight and we'll rebound into the lower 70s this afternoon.

Winds will pick up to 15 to 20 mph once again.

An isolated shower will be possible today before heavy rain and thunderstorms move into Region 8 overnight.

There's a low chance of severe storms through Thursday.

Meteorologist Bryan McCormick has your full forecast coming up at the top of the hour. Watch LIVE.

Arkansan recalls Notre Dame visit just two weeks ago

Making News

A nationwide search for a new college president took 56 applicants down to one.

The Jonesboro Rotary Club honored a local teacher who has devoted 50 years of her life to helping students learn.

A man faces an aggravated assault charge after police say he pointed a gun at a motorist on Interstate 555.

Two weeks ago a Jonesboro man toured Notre Dame in Paris. Now, like the rest of the world, he is shocked by this week’s devastating fire.

Destiny Quinn and Tiffany Neely have those stories and more coming up in the 6 o’clock hour of Good Morning Region 8. Watch LIVE.

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