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Weekly Claims Pryor Housekeeper Falsified Affidavit

November 8, 2002
Posted at: 8:52 p.m. CDT
Updated at: 9:54 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- A Little Rock-based Spanish-language weekly claims that Hortencia Osorio, the woman at the center of an election-eve controversy involving Senator-elect Mark Pryor, signed a false affidavit claiming her legal status that was released by the Pryor campaign.

El Latino, a weekly sister-publication of the Arkansas Times, is set to publish an interview with Osorio, conducted by the paper's editor, Michel Leiderman. According to the Times' Internet site, Osorio says she "was indeed an illegal worker when employed by Pryor for about six months in 1999 and that she told his wife this at the time."

In addition, "(Osorio) also says she made $70 a day for a day of work a week or more for six months, which could mean she earned enough to have required small tax payments by the Pryors. She says she was encouraged by Pryor in-laws to sign a statement absolving Pryor and that she did so because she was unnerved by being the center of controversy."

Pryor spokesman Michael Teague told KAIT that the documentation provided to the Pryors from Osorio is legal. He says that, "she clearly understood what she was signing," referencing the Monday affidavit. Teague also cited the separate paragraph Osorio added at the bottom of the affidavit as proof of her knowledge of what she was signing.

"We told her several times (Monday) that she did not have to sign anything," Teague said. "If what she told (El Latino) is true, then she lied to the Pryors not only once, but twice."

Teague also said that the campaign has copies of a Social Security card and an Alien Registration card provided to them by Osorio. The Pryor campaign did not release any documentation, other than the affidavit, related to Osorio to KAIT pryor to the election. However, Teague said that copies of the two cards will be provided on Friday.



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