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Are cell phones and music too dangerous for exercise?

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Tuesday a bill was pulled that, if passed, would have outlawed texting and walking in Arkansas. While the bill is dead, the public reaction is not. The point was to crack down on distracted pedestrians. While the bill was dropped, it did bring attention to the problem.

If you head over to the Arkansas State University campus between classes, it won't take you long to see someone texting on their phone or jamming on an iPod.

"All the time. On a daily basis," says ASU student Austin Harris.

"It's common. You can see it right now. People do it all over the place. I do it," says ASU student Lunden Robert.

The bill Democratic Senator Jimmy Jeffress proposed to the State Legislature would have put restrictions on the use of electronic devices, like cell phones or MP3 players, while walking or running on streets and sidewalks.

It would have required pedestrians to only wear headphones in one ear. While ASU student Lunden Robert says she has been guilty in the past, the proposal is not a bad idea.

"I feel like it's a good thing. Especially on crosswalks like this and stuff. You probably shouldn't use your cell phone, or your iPod, or you should at least keep one ear plug out. That way you can know your surroundings," says Robert.

But some, like student Austin Harris, say it's taking it too far. "I can understand the texting while driving but walking? I listen to music walking to class. I text people walking to class. It's getting kind of overboard with it," says Harris and for the time being, he'll keep his ears plugged.

Runner Kara Fowler says it's more important for the drivers to pay attention to what's on the road. "I think it's more important for them to turn their stereo down and for them not to text than it is for the runners," says Fowler.

According to the Associated Press, the proposal was made as a safety concern, with the idea of better protecting citizens from the distraction of electronic gadgets.

"I think it's just being a little cautious. I think runner should be able to wear headphones and should be able to do what they do, as long as long as you keep your music low enough to hear on coming traffic," says Fowler.

While Arkansas has pulled the plug on a bill limiting electronic distractions, a New York lawmaker has proposed a similar ban restricting people from using electronic devices while walking in crosswalks and busy streets of major cities.

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By Amanda Hanson -

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - First, it was texting while driving.  Now, a proposal has been made before the Arkansas State Legislator putting restrictions on cell phone use and music players for individuals running and walking on streets and sidewalk. 

Pedestrians would only be allowed to wear headphones in one ear if the law passed. New York is also considering the ban.

Coming up tonight on Region 8 News at 5 and 6, hear how folks in the area feel about the new proposal.

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