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Bono, AR - Will Carter Reports

Bono Lake Becomes a Reality

One by one the ballots were cast during Tuesday's special election.

The outcome was one that was somewhat of a surprise to everyone.

"For it to go 60 percent or better, and it got over 70 percent, that was phenomenal. It shows the voters of Craighead County really care about quality of life issues, and they care about taking care of their neighbors in Bono," said Ken Stacks of the Bono Lake Adhoc Committee.

Tuesday's vote will plant the 135-acre lake in a wooded area just to the Northeast of the Bono city limits.

The area will be bordered on the West and the North by County Road 361 and on the South by County Road 318.

Those like Ken Stacks who worked on the planning committee say the lake's creation should also bring relief to the flood prone area.

"There will be a control structure, that after the lake is filled, will release excess water, therefore preventing flooding downstream," said Stacks.

Initial plans are to build the lake, dam, and a control structure.   The project will then be turned over to the state's Game and Fish Commission.

"Arkansas Game and Fish has committed to build a boat ramp and stock the lake. The remainder will really be up to Arkansas Game and Fish, and that will happen over time," said Stacks.

Engineering of the lake and the clearing of land is expected to begin over the next few months.

But just how long before the new Bono Lake project will be complete?

"I would expect throughout next summer that much of that construction would be done. Then it's a matter of filling it with water, stocking it with fish, and with any luck perhaps in 2009 we can have a lake that is opening and functioning," said Stacks.

A one-cent sales tax will go into effect during the months of October through December.  This is expected to raise nearly 4-million dollars to fund the project.

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