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Jonesboro, AR - Will Carter Reports

Push For Dog Chain Ordinance

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "Permanent tethering of a dog is not only cruel to the dog, but it's also very dangerous to the community," said Wannda Turner.

So she and her group Northeast Arkansans For Animals brought their plea to the city of Jonesboro's public safety committee Tuesday night.

"What I was looking for was an opportunity to present our case, and let the public safety committee look over our proposed ordinance," said Turner.

That ordinance would prohibit dogs from being chained up.

The only option to this would be a dog being on a trolley, where they have more room to move around.

Even Police Chief Mike Yates, says a dog on a chain is an accident waiting to happen.

"It's very threatening for the animal. It builds up aggression. Quite frankly, a lot of our problem animals have experienced that, and that's what's built their aggression and made them a danger to the public," said Yates.

Another provision in the ordinance creating some controversy, for dog trainers like Kevin Cooper, is a line that says dogs that are un-neutered must remain in an enclosed yard or indoors.

"What I'm concerned with is if it gets in, then the next step is, let's just make mandatory spaying or neutering for every dog over six month. Okay, well then you take away my right to breed my dog," said Cooper.

But Turner says that provision is important because of one factor.

"Time after time, it's been proven that dogs, especially un-neutered male dogs, that are permanently tethered become agressive," said Turner.

"Unfortunately, we encounter it quite frequently, and we get surprised by animals on a chain in the yard. Occasionally some of the officers get bitten," said Yates.

That's just another reason Turner wants to end what she calls abuse that leads to aggression.

In the ordinance Turner also wants to expand fence lines to 150 square feet.

The proposed ordinance will be revisited next month before being sent on to the full council.

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