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Are you feeling life is hopeless? Are you ready for a fresh start? Whether you’re looking for answers to life’s questions or trying to find a church home for your whole family, Community Fellowship Church offers you a place to worship, and a place to learn about God.

Community Fellowship is a non-denominational church that’s made up of people from all walks of life who are growing spiritually by building relationships with God and with each other. At CFC, it’s not about where you’ve been or how you dress. It’s a friendly, relaxed environment where you will be welcomed and accepted. The music is vibrant and varied. Messages are relevant to where you are today, giving you the encouragement and faith to tackle life head on. And kids of every age are given tools to learn and grow in fun, creative ways.

I’m Pastor Dave Burgess, and I’d like to invite you to worship with us at Community Fellowship Church. At CFC, you’ll feel right at home.
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