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Region 8 News Team Coverage is tracking new DNA evidence and other expert witness testimonies as presented by Damien Echols' legal defense team. Last week, Region 8 News' Will Carter conducted a series of interviews with Pam Hobbs, the mother of one of the victims

Region 8 News was in Little Rock as Echols' attorneys and experts introduced their new evidence to the news media. Region 8 News brought back a full report on the press conference, plus a recant of the trials in 1994 that put the 'West Memphis 3' behind bars for a trio of murders of young boys in 1993, that brought forth a national outcry for both the victims and defendants.

Stay with Region 8 News as we continue to follow developments as the Arkansas Attorney General's office decides how to respond to the recent allegations of the Echols defense team.

Pam Hobbs Speaks Out, part 3  
Pam Hobbs Speaks Out, part 2  
Pam Hobbs Speaks Out, part 1 
West Memphis Three: A Closer Look at the Trials and New Evidence 
Latest Evidence in West Memphis Three Case 
A Look Back at West Memphis in 1993 After the Brutal Murders of Three Young Boys 

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New DNA Evidence Might Free West Memphis Three 
Entire Memo Submitted by Echols' Attorney (pdf format)

Enter your thoughts below in Region 8 Responds about these new developments of one of the most controversial periods that local law enforcement and the Arkansas legal system has ever faced.

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