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To do business in a Biblical way that is honoring to GOD. To provide premium lawn care services and nursery products to our community, using quality products, trained professionals and sincere dedication to customer service and satisfaction. Being commited to enhance the wellbeing of our employees by offering competitive wages and benefits. Profiting fairly through our effeciency, innovation and extra effort.

Tip of the Month

Regardless what weather conditions January brings, spring is right around the corner, and there is much that can and should be done now. With the new year comes another chance to get your lawn and garden started out right in preparation for spring.

January is an excellent month, not only for dreaming and planning, but for actually planting and preparing existing plants for a new year and a new season. The success of each season in your landscape depends on the previous season's planning and accomplishments.

Planting and transplanting: The winter season provides and excellent time to plant or transplant trees and shrubs. The plants are quick to adapt when planted in cold, moist weather and will be well established prior to spring growth and summer heat.

Winter pruning: Prune evergreen and summer flowering shrubs and trees as needed. (Do NOT prune spring flowering plants such as azaleas, hydrangeas and quince, as they have already set their spring blooms for this season.) Provide winter protection for tender plants: Be sure to keep tender plants covered or well mulched during the cold periods of January to protect new spring growth.

Prepare soils: Prepare soil for spring plantings by adding generous amounts of organic material such as leaf mold or compost to insure good drainage, water retention and aeration.

Turn the compost pile: Start turning your compost pile so that on those sunny days when it starts to heat up, the compost will be ready for early spring use.

Be sure to visit Sartin Services Lawncare & Nursery today and take advantage of our unadvertised "off season" specials on trees and shrubs. Even if you are not quite ready to get started, come out and visit with one of our knowledgeable sales associates and we will "inspire" you!

Happy Gardening!

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Larry Vickers

Lawn Services
At Sartin Services Complete Lawncare, Inc., we believe your lawn is more than soil and grass. It is an extension of your home, a source of beauty, and recreational grounds for you and your family. What better reasons to commit to having more than just another yard?

Our lawncare professionals offer the expertise your lawn needs to be its absolute best at affordable prices that are sure to surprise you. We can analyze your lawn to make sure it gets only the treatments it needs to thrive, exactly when it needs them. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Nursery Services
Sartin Services Nursery is proud to offer its customers with the most qualified personnel to assist in the perfect purchase.  To help qualify our employees Sartin Services routinely sends them to educational courses to further their knowledge.  Currently we are proud to have one certified ACNLP (AR Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional) in our staff, Larry Vickers.

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