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Power of Prayer

  • 4-14-02

    Conquering Cancer

        As parent, you do everything possible to keep your child safe. When your child is sick, you would do anything to take away her pain, but sometimes all you can do is pray.
  • 3-10-02

    Remarkable Recovery

       A stroke is something you may think happens to older people or someone in poor health. However, they can and do happen to young, otherwise healthy people. Recovery can take a lifetime, and for some, life is never the same. For a Jonesboro woman, the Power of Prayer made all the difference.
  • 2-3-02

    Finding a New Home

       When your family grows too big for your home, that's a problem. But when you're a church that's a good problem to have... unless you don't have the means to move.
  • 1-27-02

    A Double Blessing

       Finding out your pregnant with twins can be shocking for any couple. Finding out one of them may have a serious health problem can be devastating. However, for a Highland couple, that's when they turned to the Power of Prayer.
  • 1-20-02

    Following God

       If your church was struck by lightning, you may think God was trying to tell you something... and chances are you'd be right. But for one Region Eight church the message was different than you may think.
  • 1-13-02

    A Win, Win Situation

    This year more than one million women worldwide will be diagnosed with breast cancer. One out eight women will get breast cancer at some time in her life. A Region Eight recently became one of those women, but she refuses to be a statistic.
  • 12-23-01

    Say It Isn't So

       When face with a traumatic experience, denial is a typical human reaction. We may try to convince ourselves its not true. But for a Marked Tree woman, she was actually right.
  • 12-30-01

    Becoming the Person You're Meant to Be

    A minister is suppose to believe in the power of prayer... that's his job. However, for a Jonesboro minister, the power of prayer made him the man he is today.
  • 10-14-01

    Turned Upside Down

       Imagine slipping off an icy road, and your car landing upside down in a ditch. You're dangling upside down, as water seeps in through the windows.
  • 9-9-01

    Surviving the Flames

        Ask anyone who has ever been burned and they will tell you the pain is tremendous. In fact many doctors agree, third degree burns can be the worst pain ever. That's what a three year old California girl had to endure after falling into a beachside fire pit.
  • 9-30-01

    A Prayer for Recovery

    When a life is in danger, quick work by rescue personnel can mean the difference between life and death. A quick prayer may also be in order.
  • 8-26-01

    A Mother's Prayer

    As adults, many of us can look back at our younger days and wish we had done things differently. Some, may even have regrets, but as a Jonesboro family learned years ago, what's most important is making the most of your second chances.
  • 6-24-01

    Miracle of Speech

    A man goes twenty-five years without speaking. Then one day, his voice returns.
  • 6-10-01

    More than Neighbors...

       They say that a key to real estate is location, location, location.  That couldn't be more true for a two couples from Malden, Missouri.  For them,the Power of Prayer is revealed not only in the blessing they've received, but in the blessing of their friendship.
  • 6-3-01

    Surviving the Storm

      Severe weather can strike at anytime.  When it does, its important to find a safe place to ride out the storm.  However, sometimes even doing the right thing can turn out wrong.  That's when a Craighead County woman turned to the Power of Prayer.
  • 5-13-01

    Praying for Life

  • 5-20-01

    Speaking with a Voice from God

  • 4-29-01

    A Walking Miracle

      This years Relay for Life had a lot of walking miracles, but one stood out in the crowd.
  • 4-8-01

    Answering the Prayers of Others

       If you believe in the power of prayer, then you know God is the answer.  However, sometimes he uses others to help make the miracles is life happen.  For the community of Weiner, Arkansas, some young teens are perfect example of how God uses others.
  • 2-25-01

    Dealing with Death through the Power of Prayer

       Losing a loved one is never easy. Losing four in just a few months time can be devestating. Thanks to the power of prayer one woman who has lost so much, found comfort by giving even more.
  • 2-18-01

    Learning to Lose with the Power of Prayer

    Dealing with a lose is always difficult, wether its on the athletic field or in life. A Nettleton Junior High football coach has dealt with both through the power of prayer, and had some other prayers answered in the process.
  • 2-11-01

    Power of Prayer Learned by Example

    At the age of four, a child's life was in danger, and his parents turned to prayer. Years later, that same child as a grown man found his wife and unborn child in danger. He learned from example, and turned to the power of prayer.
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