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Huddleston Technical Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Service people that take pride in the work and the service they provide

Complete Janitorial Services, including:

  • Stripping
  • Waxing
  • Buffing
  • Commericial Carpet Services


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  • Huddleston Technical

    Huddleston Technical

    Thursday, May 4 2006 5:44 PM EDT2006-05-04 21:44:35 GMT
    A Full Service Janitorial Service Janitorial services are often viewed as a commodity. But they are so much more. Huddleston Technical's janitorial services are unique due to our depth of understanding
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  • Carpet Spot Cleaning Tips

    Carpet Spot Cleaning Tips

    Thursday, May 4 2006 6:00 PM EDT2006-05-04 22:00:48 GMT
    As well as complete commericial carpet cleaning services, Huddleston Technical are experts in 'spot' carpet cleaning. Do-it-yourselfers may find these tips useful when trying to remove a pesky spot from
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    Mold Remediation or Repair

    Mold Remediation or Repair

    Thursday, May 4 2006 6:30 PM EDT2006-05-04 22:30:16 GMT
    In some areas throughout the country, such as ours, mold in homes has become a growing concern. A small leak or a major flood can trigger an outbreak. According to the Environmental Protection Agency
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