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Headaches as well as facial, neck and jaw pain are
common occurrences in millions of Americans.

These Americans are experiencing headaches,
generalized facial pain, as well as more specific pain
directly in front of the ears, ear symptoms
including ear pain, ear ringing, ear buzzing, and
congestion, neck and shoulder pain,
clicking or grating noises of the jaw joint with movement,
and locking of the jaw or pain in the jaw when chewing.

If you or a loved one suffers from one or
all of these symptoms, we have help for you.

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  • Meet Dr. Morgan

    Meet Dr. Morgan

    Monday, February 11 2013 12:35 PM EST2013-02-11 17:35:22 GMT
    Our mission is to provide patients with a trusting, caring environment where together we can discover the cause of their head, neck, and facial pain. We treat patients on a one-on-one basis to relieve discomfort with the most effective, non-surgical treatment possible.
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