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Basis of Actions

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  • Torts


    When a person violates his/her duty to others created under general (or statutory) law, a tort has been committed.
  • Negligence

    A person is negligent when he or she fails to act like the standard "ordinary reasonable person".
  • Comparative Negligence

    Comparative Negligence

    Comparative negligence comes into play when it is contended that two or more parties failed to perform at the standard of the "ordinary reasonable person".
  • Strict Liability

    Strict Liability

    Strict liability is a legal doctrine that makes some persons responsible for damages their actions or products cause, regardless of any "fault" on their part.
  • Intentional vs. Negligent

    Intentional vs. Negligent

    In an intentional tort, the person wants to cause consequences from his/her act or believes that the consequences of the act are reasonably certain to occur
  • Intervening Cause

    Intervening Cause

    Intervening Cause comes between one act (or failure to act) which alters the natural and continuous series of events that follows.
  • Proximate Cause

    Proximate Cause

    Proximate cause is the initial act which sets off a natural and continuous sequence of events that produces injury.
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