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Black History Timeline

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  • 1932-1940


    Friday, January 26 2007 1:30 PM EST2007-01-26 18:30:34 GMT
    1932 In Tuskegee, AL the U.S. Public Health Service begins examining the course of untreated syphilis in black men, not telling them of their syphilis or their participation in the 40-year study. 1936 President
  • 1941-1944


    Friday, January 26 2007 1:32 PM EST2007-01-26 18:32:46 GMT
    1941 A. Phillip Randolph threatens a massive march on Washington unless the Roosevelt administration takes measures to insure black employment in defense industries; Roosevelt agrees to establish the
  • 1947-1952


    Friday, January 26 2007 1:34 PM EST2007-01-26 18:34:06 GMT
    1947 Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier in major league baseball. 1948 The U.S. Supreme Court holds the lower courts can not enforce restrictive covenants used to maintain segregated housing
  • 1954-1957


    Friday, January 26 2007 1:34 PM EST2007-01-26 18:34:52 GMT
    1954 In "Brown vs Board of Education" the U.S. Supreme Court declares separate educational facilities "inherently unequal." 1955 Rosa Parks is arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white
  • 1960-1964


    Friday, January 26 2007 1:36 PM EST2007-01-26 18:36:06 GMT
    1960 Four black students stage a sit-in at a Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, NC; the sit-in movement to desegregate restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, libraries and parks spread to other southern
  • 1965-1967


    Friday, January 26 2007 1:36 PM EST2007-01-26 18:36:42 GMT
    1965 Black nationalist and former Nation of Islam spokesperson Malcom X is assassinated in New York City. President Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act. Rioting in the black ghetto of Watts in Los
  • 1968-1970


    Friday, January 26 2007 1:37 PM EST2007-01-26 18:37:16 GMT
    1968 The presidentially appointed Kerner Commission reports that "white racism" was at the root of the racial disturbances of 1967 and that the country is heading toward to separate and unequal societies. Martin
  • 1975-1990


    Friday, January 26 2007 1:38 PM EST2007-01-26 18:38:00 GMT
    1975 Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam, dies. After hs son renames the organization and integrates it into orthodox Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan reclaims and rebuilds the nation of Islam. 1978 In
  • 1992-1995


    Friday, January 26 2007 1:38 PM EST2007-01-26 18:38:37 GMT
    1992 Mae Jemison becomes the first African-American woman astronaut, spending more than a week orbiting Earth in the space shuttle Endeavour. Riots break out in Los Angeles following the acquittal of
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