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‘I pray every day for the Lord to use me:’ SC FedEx delivery driver recounts chance meeting with stranger on a delivery route

A South Carolina woman’s passionate and heartfelt video after an encounter with a woman on her delivery route and her message to help others in need has gone viral, with the video amassing more than 14 million views.

Vatican spokesman, deputy resign amid crisis period for pope

Cameras given access near site of Jesus Christ’s baptism for first time in 50 years

Satanic Temple allowed to intervene in Ten Commandments case

Doctors baffled after 11-year-old girl’s brain tumor disappears

Group asks 3 Wise Men display be taken down, residents of Michigan town rush to defend it

Church goes “no shave” for November

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Firefighters battle blaze at old church

Church to offer free Thanksgiving dinner

Springfield yoga community responds to pastor’s sermon

Birth control mandate dropped for some businesses with religious, moral objections

Jewish nurse: I treated mass shooting suspect out of love

Pope decries attack on Christian worshippers in Egypt

Muslim crowdfunding campaign for Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims tops $200,000

The money raised will go to support the short-term needs of the shooting victims, paying for things like funeral expenses and medical bills

Teacher saves priest after he passes out while speaking

Staff members from one Memphis catholic school are being praised for saving a priest's life.

  Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims remembered: ‘The loss is incalculable’

A day after the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that left 11 dead, officials released the names of the victims. The oldest of them was 97. The youngest was 54. They included a pair of brothers and a husband and wife.

Police: Synagogue gunman said he wanted all Jews to die

A gunman who expressed hatred of Jews exploited a vulnerability common in so many houses of worship across the country – doors that are unlocked for worship – to target a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Pope Francis grieves for Jewish victims in Pittsburgh

Pope forcibly removes Memphis bishop after investigation

Young Catholics urge Vatican to issue inclusive LGBT message

Birth of a new Ukrainian church brings fears of violence

US pastor freed from Turkey prays with Trump in Oval Office

AP Interview: Jerusalem mayor wants UN agency out of city

Vatican defends pope against 'blasphemous' cover-up claims

Vatican official defends pope against 'blasphemous' claims of cover-up by ex-ambassador over McCarrick scandal

Nobel prize-winning ‘God Particle’ physicist dies; sold prize to pay for medical care

He's described as a giant in his field who also had a passion for sharing science, resulting in his book, "The God Particle." Lederman won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1988 with two other scientists for discovering a subatomic particle called the muon neutrino.

Church catches fire hours before firefighter’s wedding

Conrad and DaLiza Fernandes were married at a nearby church.

Hurricane Florence victims need help

Thousands displaced by Hurricane Florence.

St Paul United Methodist Church builds “blessing box”

St Paul United Methodist church gives back to the community

Jewish group in Germany condemns 'strongly rooted' extremism

Germany's Central Council of Jews says the attack on a kosher restaurant in Chemnitz by masked neo-Nazis shows problems in the region are deeper than simply concerns over new migrants

Catholic faithful demand change after sex abuse scandals

Catholics shaken by revelations of sex abuse and alleged cover-ups are rising up and demanding change in hopes of saving the church they love

Parents charged after son dies during month of fasting to get ‘blessing from God’

Both the deceased 15-year-old and his younger brother, who is being treated at the hospital, were described as extremely emaciated.

A Shreveport faith-based water park ends the season with bang

President and CEO of Splash Kingdom Johnny Blevins talks goes behind the scenes and talk about his business started up. He also talks about how Splash Kingdom is ending the season with a splash by having some fun with your furry friend.

Man alleges he was fired for not attending Bible study

A man is taking his former employer to court alleging he was forced to attend Bible study. The construction company owner says that’s not what happened.

Trump reportedly warns evangelical leaders of violence against them if GOP loses midterms

During a closed-door meeting with evangelicals Monday, Trump warned of violence from left-leaning groups if Republicans lose, based on a recording made by people in the room.

Hawley: Law prohibiting politics at the pulpit should change

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, wants to do away with a provision in the federal tax code that bars religious organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates

City Youth Ministries adding new programs

City Youth Ministries is providing the children they serve even more learning and extra-curricular opportunities this year.

Church gives Jonesboro teen bike; teen wants to make community better

One Jonesboro teen said Tuesday he's looking to help make his community a better place than it is today.

Gospel bands help give back to local organization

Two gospel bands gave back to a local non-profit organization by performing at a benefit concert.

Church posts warning about gay pride event at AR theme park

An Arkansas church warned parents about bringing their children to Magic Springs because of a gay pride event.