A Better Region 8: Thanking teachers for their service

Region 8 takes time to thank teachers for the service they give to students.

  A Better Region 8: Hurricane Florence relief efforts

Hurricane Florence was every bit the storm meteorologists forecasted before it made landfall.

A Better Region 8: Season of Hope

Thirteen years ago, Hope Circle - one of the six programs of the N-E-A Baptist Charitable Foundation- began Hope Week as a way to call attention to the importance of Hope in the lives of individuals and organizations.

A Better Region 8: Double standards in athletes

Double standard in athletes' temper tirades in regards to gender

A Better Region 8: Finding ways to recycle

There are little things we can do to make a difference.

A Better Region 8: Labor Day Weekend includes the new CW on 8.3

It's Labor Day weekend and a lot of great events are happening.

A Better Region 8: Using social media responsibly during an emergency

Social media Saturday night was peppered with reports of gunfire at the Salt Bowl in Little Rock.

A Better Region 8: Mr. KAIT

All of us at KAIT would like to take a moment and congratulate one of our own.

A Better Region 8: Stopping domestic abuse

Last week in Paragould a woman was shot to death.

A Better Region 8: Back to School

School is back in session.

A Better Region 8: Ingraining A-State into Jonesboro's fabric

There's a disconnect between Arkansas State University students and the rest of Jonesboro.

  A Better Region 8: Stuff the Bus

Region 8 is so great at giving back. And we need your help this weekend.

A Better Region 8: Changing healthcare in rural America

Healthcare in the country is changing, and by 'the country' I mean in rural America.

A Better Region 8: Godsey's Closing

Sad news this week that Godsey's Grill in downtown Jonesboro closed.

A Better Region 8: Get caught doing something good

Here in a television studio, it's obvious there are cameras. And when they're on, there's an expectation that we act as professionally as possible.

A Better Region 8: Privilege to serve Region 8

In 1963, the average American income was $5,800 a year. A new house would cost on average a little less than $13,000.

A Better Region 8: Remember when Facebook was fun?

Remember when Facebook was fun? When it was a chance to oo and ah over pictures of your friends' babies and vacations?

A Better Region 8: Celebrating America's Independence

A couple of years ago my wife and I took our older two kids to Washington D.C. If you haven't been, I encourage you to visit.

A Better Region 8: Move over from left lane on highway

Get out of the left lane! Have you ever said it or been the offender?

A Better Region 8: Journalism in schools

Arkansas' public education system is good, really good. But it took a step back this past week when a joint legislative committee voted to remove journalism classes as a required elective in all Arkansas schools.

A Better Region 8: Paying attention at railroad crossings

Over the weekend, four lives were lost when the vehicle they were in collided with a train.

  A Better Region 8: Jonesboro Church Health Center

Thank you for making your neighbor's health a priority and helping us make A Better Region 8.

A Better Region 8: The 1st Amendment

People have the right to say or make political statements the way they want. But their customers, viewers, and advertisers have the right to react how they want.

A Better Region 8 Editorials


A Better Region 8: Getting help for the mentally ill

The eyes of our country were on us last Thursday when the call came out that a man, later identified as Brad Bartelt, reportedly drove on A-State's campus through a barricade, armed with a shotgun, a propane tank and gasoline.

A Better Region 8: Digital Addiction

You hear it all the time, “these kids stay on their devices all the time.”  I have a realization for you – so do the adults.

A Better Region 8: New alternative to tornado sirens - Better or worse?

Ryan Vaughan and the Region 8 Storm Team are forecasting some rough weather overnight Thursday. If the weather moving through looks to be tornadic, and the National Weather Service issues a warning, then tornado sirens in the warning areas will be activated.

A Better Region 8: NBC REGION 8 coming soon!

It's the talk of Region 8. You've seen the spots here on KAIT talking about our new NBC station launching later this month. Many of our viewers have asked questions. Here's how it's going to work...

A Better Region 8 : Become a 'Good Neighbor'

It's a familiar noise in newsrooms across America and right here in Region 8 - police scanners.

A Better Region 8 Guest Editorial: National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Nobody deserves to be afraid in their own home.

A Better Region 8: 'The Buddy Bench' project

From the tragic death of a child comes hope and help for those in need.

A Better Region 8: 'Go fly a kite!'

"Go fly a kite!" We all know what someone is trying to say when we hear those words.

A Better Region 8 Guest Editorial: Sales tax initiatives to help manage Jonesboro's growth

It's no secret that Jonesboro has been blessed with continued growth, and that means our streets and roads have got to grow as well to keep up.

A Better Region 8: None of us are 'just anything'

The recent Miss America Scholarship Competition sparked some very heated responses across the nation. During the talent competition, Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson appeared on stage in her nurse’s uniform, complete with a stethoscope around her neck, and presented a monologue.

A Better Region 8: A-State ticket sales

In July of 2014, A Better Region 8 focused on this weekend's A-State home opener with ranked SEC opponent Mizzou.

A Better Region 8: Labor Day's roots still relevant

The old cliché': "The more things change, the more they stay the same" applies to the American work force today. It seems like we are working longer days for less money.

A Better Region 8 Guest Editorial: United Way in NEA turns 60!

Did you know United Way of Northeast Arkansas turns 60 in September?  We have evolved from serving the city of Jonesboro and 6 agencies when we began in 1955 to serving 8 counties and funding 21 programs today.

A Better Region 8: WDBJ We Stand With You

It’s been a tragic week. America is mourning the loss of WDBJ Reporter Alison Parker and Photojournalist Adam Ward who were shot and killed Wednesday morning live on-air.

A Better Region 8: Surround yourself with the right people

A quote we hear in business all the time is "You're only as good as the people you surround yourself with."

A Better Region 8: Learning when we lose

Famous High School Basketball Coach Morgan Wootten once said; “You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going.”

A Better Region 8: Being bold, taking action

Sometimes it takes bold action to get people's attention.  One of the biggest Region 8 stories in the last couple of months is Operation "Blynd Justus", which took place in Blytheville this week.