A Better Region 8: Arkansas General Assembly now in session

This week the Arkansas Legislative session began.

  A Better Region 8: Casinos

Last year, Arkansas voters approved casinos in four counties - Crittenden, Garland, Jefferson and Pope.

A Better Region 8: Thank you Jonesboro PD for you hard work

Last week we had two shootings and two murders in as many days to start the new year.

A Better Region 8: That’s too many

2019 got off to a deadly start in Jonesboro.

A Better Region 8: Wolves Up!

For the eighth consecutive time, the Arkansas State Red Wolves are in a bowl game.

A Better Region 8: Merry Christmas to All

Region 8 News wishes you and yours a Merry Christmas.

A Better Region 8: Teen vaping study

A new, federally funded study out this week shows an unprecedented jump in teen vaping over the past year.

A Better Region 8: More jobs means more opportunities for Region 8 workers

A Better Region 8 discusses the benefits of two major businesses in Region 8 both looking to bring in more workers.

A Better Region 8: Helping Hungry Children

School is almost out and that means our kids and grand kids will be ready to celebrate the holidays.

A Better Region 8: Remembering President George H. W. Bush

Region 8 News pays tribute to the late 41st President, George H. W. Bush.

A Better Region 8: Ronnie Weston

This week, our News Operations Manager Ronnie Weston retired from KAIT.

  A Better Region 8: Dealing with seasonal depression

When winter hits, some of us may catch ourselves dealing with seasonal depression.

A Better Region 8: Christmas Shopping

Unless you are one of those really organized people, chances are your Christmas shopping is just beginning.

A Better Region 8: Fill the Food Bank

Chances are next week for Thanksgiving all of us will eat or eat too much.

A Better Region 8: Counting Ballots

Voter turnout was near record levels for this general election. That is fantastic.

A Better Region 8: School Bus incidents

A Better Region 8 discusses the recent school bus incidents that have occurred across the country in the past week.

A Better Region 8: Democracy takes work

This test should be easy for us, right? Wrong.

A Better Region 8: A simple reminder to be kind to one another at all times

Region 8 News discusses the weekend shooting in Pittsburgh and how everyone should be kind to one another at all times.

A Better Region 8: Good, safe news to report

Some good, safe news to report for next weekend's Arkansas State homecoming football game.

A Better Region 8: Parking at A-State football games

A Better Region 8 discusses the potential dangers of continuing to park at A-State football games with the heavy traffic that surrounds the stadium.

A Better Region 8: Sears files for bankruptcy

President Kennedy once said – Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

  A Better Region 8: Johnny Cash Music Fest

Johnny Cash Music Festival will be held soon. Click here to find out ways you can support the festival.

A Better Region 8: Prescription Drugs

Something remarkable happened in Washington, D.C. this week.

A Better Region 8: Get Registered to Vote

A Better Region 8 editorial stresses the importance of being registered to vote for next month's midterm elections.

A Better Region 8: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

A Better Region 8: Protecting yourself from telemarketers

Editorial to help viewers protect themselves from out of state spoof calls from local numbers.

A Better Region 8: Downtown Jonesboro Barbecue Festival

Something really awesome happens this weekend.

A Better Region 8: Hepatitis A outbreak continues

Unless you've been living under a rock you know there's a Hepatitis A outbreak here in Region 8.

A Better Region 8: Thanking teachers for their service

Region 8 takes time to thank teachers for the service they give to students.

A Better Region 8: Hurricane Florence relief efforts

Hurricane Florence was every bit the storm meteorologists forecasted before it made landfall.

A Better Region 8: Season of Hope

Thirteen years ago, Hope Circle - one of the six programs of the N-E-A Baptist Charitable Foundation- began Hope Week as a way to call attention to the importance of Hope in the lives of individuals and organizations.

  A Better Region 8: Double standards in athletes

Double standard in athletes' temper tirades in regards to gender

A Better Region 8: Finding ways to recycle

There are little things we can do to make a difference.

A Better Region 8: Labor Day Weekend includes the new CW on 8.3

It's Labor Day weekend and a lot of great events are happening.

A Better Region 8: Using social media responsibly during an emergency

Social media Saturday night was peppered with reports of gunfire at the Salt Bowl in Little Rock.

A Better Region 8: Mr. KAIT

All of us at KAIT would like to take a moment and congratulate one of our own.

A Better Region 8: Stopping domestic abuse

Last week in Paragould a woman was shot to death.

A Better Region 8: Back to School

School is back in session.

A Better Region 8: Ingraining A-State into Jonesboro's fabric

There's a disconnect between Arkansas State University students and the rest of Jonesboro.

A Better Region 8: Stuff the Bus

Region 8 is so great at giving back. And we need your help this weekend.

A Better Region 8: Changing healthcare in rural America

Healthcare in the country is changing, and by 'the country' I mean in rural America.