After winning fight, Manny Pacquiao discovers burglars hit his home

Burglars ransacked Manny Pacquiao’s Los Angeles home over the weekend, possibly as he was fighting in the ring, representatives for the boxer have confirmed.

Florida man, woman run over by patrol car while lying in road to watch eclipse

Notre Dame will cover up Columbus murals for offensive portrayal of Native Americans

Child dies after snowbank collapses on her while playing

Kamala Harris announces she will run for president

MLK holiday offers stage for Democratic hopefuls

Teen in confrontation with Native American at Indigenous Peoples March: I didn’t provoke

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Eye doctors offer free exams to NFL refs after NFC Championship game

Shutdown goes on as Trump offer doesn’t budge Democrats

Frigid air, high winds cause dangerous travel conditions

Blood pressure medication recalled for trace amounts of cancer-causing material

KISS band members offer free meals to TSA employees impacted by government shutdown

Video shows barefoot toddler with hands up walking toward armed police officers

Super Bowl: Pats vs Rams in a meeting of Past vs Future

To officially usher the NFL into a new era, the Los Angeles Rams will have to get past the New England Patriots, exactly 17 years to the date of their last Super Bowl showdown.

Mother found passed out on top of 1-year-old charged after his death

The 33-year-old mother was charged with one count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Suspect accused of killing 4, including baby, shot dead by deputies to save young girl

Deputies say when they arrived on scene, the man was attempting to kill a young girl, so they opened fire, killing him.

Kicked Out: Rams end Saints playoff, win with overtime field goal

The Saints play the Rams in the final game before the Super Bowl.

  At 30-day mark, shutdown impasse remains over border funding

Patriots make 3rd straight Super Bowl, beat Chiefs 37-31 OT

Bitter cold sets in as winter storm wreaks havoc on travel

Prince Philip photographed driving without seat belt 48 hours after car crash

World’s oldest man, 113, dies at his home in northern Japan

Mother, her boyfriend arrested after toddler dies of ‘brutal blunt force trauma’

  Mexican pipeline explosion kills 73, leaves nightmare of ash

Video footage showed flames shooting high into the night sky and screaming people running from the explosion, some burning and waving their arms.

Accused child predator used ‘Fortnite’ to lure teen into sexual relationship, deputies say

Authorities say the suspect and a co-conspirator communicated with as many as 20 victims of child pornography through the popular online game “Fortnite.”

Denver public school teachers considering strike amid pay dispute

Years of teaching experience is being met with years of frustration.

Trump offers a ‘Dreamers’ deal for border-money proposal

Speaking from the White House, Trump said he was offering a "commonsense compromise both parties should embrace."

‘We don’t want an apology’: University of Oklahoma investigates racist video showing student in blackface

This is the second incident involving a student in blackface in recent years. In 2015, the expelled two students after several members took part in a racist chant.

White ex-police officer indicted on first-degree murder charge in shooting death of black man

A Nashville grand jury indicted Andrew Delke Friday. He is expected to plead not guilty.

  Video: Horses chase man fleeing from Florida deputies

A trio of horses unwittingly joined forces with Florida authorities this week.

Pop 'em if you got 'em: Saturday is National Popcorn Day

Jan. 19 is National Popcorn Day, which celebrates all the different ways the corn-based treat can be enjoyed.

Women’s March returns to DC amid shutdown and controversy

The third annual Women’s March is returning to Washington on Saturday amid inclement weather, ideological schisms and the longest government shutdown in American history.

Horse named ‘Rodeo’ rescued after getting stuck in dumpster

Video shows a horse being rescued after he fell into a trash receptacle in Southern California.

21 dead, 71 burned in fire at illegal tap on Mexico pipeline

A huge fire exploded at a pipeline leaking fuel in central Mexico on Friday, killing at least 21 people and badly burning 71 others as locals were collecting the spilling gasoline in buckets and garbage cans, officials said.

‘But we didn’t know it’: Honor roll student suspended after using counterfeit money at school

Christian Philon and his parents say the punishment is unfair.

Trump promises March for Life crowd that he stands with them

Trump spoke via video to participants at this year's March for Life on the National Mall. Thousands of people across the country braved the cold to attend the event.

Puppy born with upside-down paws gets corrective surgery

An Oklahoma puppy is recovering from surgery to get his upside-down paws fixed

Mueller’s office says BuzzFeed report inaccurate

The statement by Robert Mueller's office on Friday night doesn't cite any specific errors.

White cop who shot black teen gets nearly 7 years in prison

Jason Van Dyke was convicted last year of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery — one for each bullet fired at Laquan McDonald.

George W. Bush treats Secret Service team to pizza during shutdown

An Instagram photo shows the 43rd president of the United States delivering a stack of pies to his currently unpaid security team.

Trump plans big announcement on Saturday on shutdown, border

President Donald Trump says he'll make a "major announcement" on the government shutdown and the southern border on Saturday afternoon as the standstill over his border wall continues.

Angry Waffle House customer throws soda in cashier’s face, sheriff says

Employees told investigators the customer became angry when the cashier placed the customer’s change on the counter instead of in her hand.

Sony and RCA record labels sever ties with R. Kelly

The record labels have remained silent in light of mounting pressure following a documentary on the singer.

St. Louis man, soldier stationed in KY among Americans killed in Syria

The Department of Defense announced the identities of one soldier, one sailor and one DOD civilian

Trump, Kim to hold 2nd summit in late February

The location will be announced at a later date, according to the White House.

  ‘Haunting a new generation’: Netflix announces ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ reboot

The iconic true crime series first aired in 1987.

Pence defends wife’s teaching job at school that bars gays

The vice president is responding to media reports of his wife returning to teach at a school that says it can refuse to employ gay and lesbian teachers or enroll children with gay or lesbian parents.

Democrats said Russians tried to hack DNC after midterms

According to court documents, the Democratic National Committee said it was the subject of an attempted hack in the days after the 2018 midterm elections, probably by Russian intelligence.

‘I don’t deal with Asians with the last name Wong’: Woman shocked after receiving racist voicemail

Ali Wong said she wants to have a talk with the caller. The caller's number was associated with a Las Vegas dental facility.

Skier dies after avalanche in NM; 1 in critical condition

A skier has died and another is in critical condition after being buried by an avalanche in New Mexico.

MLK national park to reopen during government shutdown

The National Park Service will use $83,500 from the Delta Air Lines Foundation and fee revenues to reopen the park for 16 days.

ICE detained Marine with PTSD after incident

A judge ordered him released on his own recognizance, but authorities in Kent County, MI, turned him over to ICE instead. ICE held him for three days.

Disabled woman raped, impregnated in care facility in Florida, lawsuit says

The family says she was in no position to give consent because of her profound intellectual disabilities, a neurological disorder called Rett syndrome and other physical ailments. A multi-agency investigation has been launched into Pensacola Cluster, an intermediate-care facility.

Suspect in fatal Texas church shooting found dead, police say

One woman was killed and another victim was critically injured in a shooting outside a church in Cypress, TX, on Thursday.

Teen with replica gun shot, killed by police

Authorities say officers in the city of Tempe reported a suspect burglarizing a car Tuesday and that he ran away holding what appeared to be a handgun.

Foods you may want to avoid during the shutdown

The Food and Drug Administration, the agency in charge of making sure food is safe, stopped some routine food safety inspections when the shutdown began. It also was forced to furlough thousands of workers.

‘She is going be the coldest’: 7-year-old barbershop phenom turning heads, cleaning them too

Alijah Hernandez is still a few years from earning her barber’s license. Until then, she’s perfecting her craft.

'I have a gun’: Woman scares armed teens away from daughter’s home

A mom armed with a gun scared off a group of young criminals who broke into her daughter’s home in Pueblo, CO.

Recall: Chicken nuggets may contain wood pieces

The company became aware of the situation after three consumer complaints were filed. There are no reports of related illnesses from the apparent contamination.

After cover-up trial, officer who shot teen to be sentenced

A judge is set to decide on Friday how long the officer who fatally shot teenager Laquan McDonald spends behind bars.

Police recommend charges against woman seen dragging dog with electric scooter

Police in Bakersfield, CA, are recommending that charges be filed against a woman seen on video dragging a dog while riding an electric scooter.

  2 people buried after avalanche at Taos ski resort

Two skiers were buried after an avalanche took place on Thursday afternoon at Kachina Peak, the highest point at Taos Ski Valley ski resort.

As shutdown drags on, food insecurity hits federal workers, and people chip in - including beer

The government shutdown is now in its fourth week, and with each missed paycheck, concern about food insecurity rises. People are even buying beers for employees off the job.

Puppy set to get 100 hugs as community checks off his bucket list

Logan, an eight-week-old German Shepherd, has an untreatable heart condition, but his family is making sure he lives a full life.

New diet cuts meats and sugars, adds fruits, nuts and veggies in bid to save the planet

The diet could prevent up to 11.6 million premature deaths without hurting the planet, the scientists behind the plan argue.

Police seek, quickly find 3 people to get drunk as part of DUI traffic stop training

The Kutztown Borough Police Department put out the call on Facebook on Wednesday for three volunteers “to assist us in training officers to administer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests during suspected DUI traffic stops.”

GM employees allege nooses, threats, and racist remarks in Ohio plant

One supervisor said ‘there was never a black person lynched who didn’t deserve it’ at a staff meeting, and was never reprimanded.

SC man who threw hot coffee at teen McDonald’s employee arrested

Police say Joshua Emery Noel had a warrant issued for his arrest on Jan. 11 for second-degree assault and battery.

3 officers acquitted of Laquan McDonald cover-up

The judge said there was no evidence that officers tried to hide or bury evidence.

Those who helped Jayme Closs want her to get $50,000 reward after making own escape

The couple who called 911 for Jayme Closs, after she escaped and was brought to their house, are pointing out that she rescued herself.

Britain’s Prince Philip, queen’s husband, in car accident

The palace said the two-car accident happened Thursday afternoon near Sandringham Estate, the queen's country retreat in eastern England.

Microsoft pledges $500 million to address homelessness, affordable housing crisis in Seattle

The company said the gap between job growth and housing growth has been even greater in the suburban cities around Seattle than in Seattle itself. (Source: CNN)

Zebra-like stripes may prevent insect bites, study finds

Scientists said stripes make it harder for insects to see them.

Teen flies to Australia to track down grandpa’s Vietnam War helmet missing for 50 years

Brayden Mott made it his missing to get his grandfather's helmet back, which had been missing for 50 years. He mowed lawns to earn airfare.

Government may have split up thousands more migrant families

"The total number and current status of all children separated from their parents or guardians ... is unknown," according to the report. It could be thousands more because family separations were taking place much earlier, during an influx that began in 2017, investigators found.

Cohen paid to rig online polls in Trump’s favor, report says

Cohen paid the head of a small technology company between $12,000 to $13,000 for activities related to Trump’s campaign, things like trying unsuccessfully to manipulate two online polls in Trump’s favor

Amid shutdown, Secret Service agents absorb travel expenses while working without pay

With no paychecks in sight, many in the agency see bank accounts dwindling and short-term debt mounting, which itself creates a potential security threat and puts their jobs at risk.

Trump cancels Pelosi’s overseas trip after her request to postpone State of the Union address

The nation's two most powerful leaders appeared to be engaged in a game of constitutional one-upmanship as negotiations to end the monthlong partial government shutdown failed to produce results.

Pets diet could affect their behavior

Researchers have been tracking micro-organisms found in their intestines and it showed dogs deemed aggressive have different kids of organisms than non-aggressive dogs.

Man accused of making homemade bomb in sushi restaurant

The suspect told Des Moines, IA, police he was just trying to raise a red flag.

Subway employee caught in photo with bare feet on counter near food prep area

The image displaying the employee’s unsanitary actions prompted outrage on social media and a response from a Subway spokesperson. (Source: FACEBOOK/Tara Renee)