Cancer patient turns dog into shelter before killing herself

Crystal Chrisp, 46, killed herself after finding out her cancer had returned. Her dog Shell was later adopted.

Arkansas city officials to draft ordinance banning pigs

City officials in northwest Arkansas are considering banning pigs after receiving complaints over a smell wafting from a residence where two pet potbellied pigs are kept.

Woman arrested for throwing cat from moving vehicle

Kennett police arrested a woman Wednesday after they saw her throw a cat out of a moving vehicle.

WATCH: Bobcat caught on camera near Cherokee Village

A bobcat was recently caught on camera near Cherokee Village posing for a selfie.

Woman rubs feces on neighbors’ door in retaliation for dog pooping in yard

The neighbors say if their dogs used the bathroom in the woman’s yard, it wasn’t on purpose, and the woman should have tried talking to them to resolve the issue.

NEA Humane Society “beyond capacity,” not accepting animals

The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society says it's "beyond capacity" and they are not accepting any animals at this time.

Puppy shot in face found inside trash can

A 3-month-old puppy named Remis is lucky to be alive after it was found shot in the face.

GRAPHIC: Dumped dog died "horrible death," another found alive

A local animal shelter is offering a reward after a dumped dog died what they say was a "horrible death."