Arkansas lawmakers return for 2nd week of 2019 session

Arkansas lawmakers are returning to the Capitol for the second week of the legislative session and plan to begin discussing the governor's plan to reorganize state agencies.

  Shutdown goes on as Trump offer doesn’t budge Democrats

At 30-day mark, shutdown impasse remains over border funding

State funding gone over financial problems for city

Restaurant offering soup a day for furloughed government employees

Lt. Governor supports bill to increase teacher salaries

Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin visits Jonesboro, discusses legislative session

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  Mueller’s office says BuzzFeed report inaccurate

Arkansas issues first 6 licenses to sell medical marijuana

Democrats said Russians tried to hack DNC after midterms

Superintendent supports bill to crack down on distracted driving in school zones

Free speech on school campuses part of proposed bill

Push for internet sales tax in Arkansas gains steam

Bill to regulate microchipping employees introduced

A Central Arkansas lawmaker said this week that his bill to regulate the microchipping of employees will protect the rights of employees, with his bill being the first in the United States to do so.

A Better Region 8: Arkansas General Assembly now in session

This week the Arkansas Legislative session began.

  Cohen paid to rig online polls in Trump’s favor, report says

Cohen paid the head of a small technology company between $12,000 to $13,000 for activities related to Trump’s campaign, things like trying unsuccessfully to manipulate two online polls in Trump’s favor

Amid shutdown, Secret Service agents absorb travel expenses while working without pay

With no paychecks in sight, many in the agency see bank accounts dwindling and short-term debt mounting, which itself creates a potential security threat and puts their jobs at risk.

  Trump cancels Pelosi’s overseas trip after her request to postpone State of the Union address

Watchdog: Government may have separated many more children from migrant families

Lesbian couple’s housing discrimination lawsuit dismissed

Government shutdown affects the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas

2020 Democrats face a choice: Fight Trump or ignore him?

Bill to ban sex offenders from photographing children tabled by committee

Walmart leaving CVS pharmacy network, industry officials say

The dispute has been ongoing, officials say, noting the issue could create other problems.

MO Gov. Parson to issue executive orders, restructure four state agencies

The press conference will be held at the Missouri State Capitol at the Governor’s Office at 11 a.m.

Trump signs law giving back pay to federal workers

President Donald Trump signed a law on Wednesday guaranteeing back pay to federal employees who have been furloughed or working without pay during the partial government shutdown.

Minimum wage bill introduced in legislature

Senate Bill 115, sponsored by Sen. Bob Ballinger, R-Berryville and Rep. Fran Cavenaugh, R-Walnut Ridge, would provide exceptions to the minimum wage law that resulted from Initiated Act 5.

Attorney general nominee Barr seeks to assure senators he won’t be a Trump loyalist

So far, William Barr's comments have pointedly departed from Trump’s own views and underscored his efforts to reassure Democrats that he will not be a loyalist to the president.

Governor Hutchinson sworn in for second term, delivers State of the State Address

Governor Hutchinson delivers State of the State Address.

Governor Hutchinson delivers inaugural speech

Governor Hutchinson delivered his Inaugural Speech on steps of Arkansas State Capitol.

Acting AG Whitaker to testify as Democrats ramp up oversight

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Feb. 8, appearing as one of the new Democratic majority’s first witnesses as they seek to provide more stringent oversight of President Donald Trump.

Trump’s AG nominee Barr backs Mueller probe, supports border ‘barrier’

Nominee William Barr is expected to be confirmed, unless there is a major surprise during the hearing. It would be his second stint as attorney general.

Shutdown standoff: Dems rebuff Trump invite, thwarting effort to bypass Pelosi

The administration is trying to peel off Democratic support for Trump's demand for border wall money and negotiate directly with centrist lawmakers and some newly elected freshmen, including those in districts where Trump is popular.

Democrats consider subpoena for interpreter of Trump-Putin meeting

The official said Trump even confiscated his interpreter’s notes after talks with Putin in Germany in 2017 and reportedly told the interpreter to keep quiet about what was said in the room.

Former MO Senator Claire McCaskill joins networks as political analyst

She will appear on MSNBC for its coverage of President Trump’s State of the Union Address

Representative Gazaway proposes school bullying bill

Representative Gazaway from Northeast Arkansas shares why he proposed the school bullying bill.

Governor shares plans for legislative session

Governor Hutchinson shares priorities for the legislative session.

Trump assures farmers he’s on their side, stresses need for border security

President Donald Trump used a speech before a large group of farmers to defend his push for a border wall or steel barrier along the U.S. border with Mexico. The president also assured farmers that his administration is working to help their industry.

As shutdown grinds on, TSA workers struggle

Hundreds of TSA employees at major airports nationwide have called out sick since this shutdown began.

Trump rejects suggested short-term government shutdown fix

Leaving the White House for a trip to New Orleans, Trump said he had dismissed the proposal from Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham to reopen for several weeks and continue dealing with Democrats over Trump's long-promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump denies ever working for Russia, blasts investigators

Speaking from the South Lawn before departing the White House for New Orleans, Trump called former FBI and Justice Department officials "known scoundrels" and "dirty cops."

Pocahontas mayor names new police chief

Mayor Keith Sutton has named David Edington as the new chief of the Pocahontas Police Department.

2020 Democratic primary set to intensify

While plans may change, the announcements are expected to come in waves, the first featuring a group of ambitious Senate Democrats including New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, California Sen. Kamala Harris and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who face pressure to join the race.

Arkansas lawmakers to begin 2019 legislative session

Arkansas lawmakers are kicking off a legislative session that's expected to focus on the governor's proposed income tax cut and an effort to find more funding for highways

Family Crisis Center asking for help during partial government shutdown

An area group that provides support for people who are victims of domestic violence and rape is asking for the public’s support as debate continues involving the partial government shutdown in the nation’s capital.

Former Arkansas lawmaker charged in scheme to bribe judge

Ex-Arkansas lawmaker charged with conspiracy, bribery in alleged scheme with an ex-judge who admitted to lowering a jury's judgment in a negligence lawsuit in exchange for campaign contributions

Governor, lawmakers say no Medicaid funding fight expected

Arkansas' governor and legislative leaders say they don't expect another funding fight over the future of the state's Medicaid expansion, even if a federal judge blocks the state from enforcing a work requirement on the program

US official says troop withdrawal from Syria has started

Col. Sean Ryan, spokesman for the coalition fighting the Islamic State group, said the U.S. started "the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria."

At border, Trump says ‘we can declare a national emergency’ over wall

The president visited a border patrol station for a roundtable on immigration and border security.

Baby boomers, conservatives shared more fake news during 2016 election, study finds

Researchers looked at Facebook data for more than 1,300 people.

Former police chief blames politics for sudden resignation

The new mayor of Pocahontas is now looking for a new police chief.

Cameras in classrooms bill introduced in legislature

An Independence County parent said this week that a bill introduced in the Arkansas General Assembly will help other children like his son.

School choice likely to be part of legislative agenda

Dotson said he is still working on the bill this time and believes it has more support for this year’s session.

Arkansas moves closer toward launching medical pot program

An Arkansas panel has named 32 companies it intends to license to sell medical marijuana, two years after voters approved its legalization and following a series of delays that have frustrated patients and advocates

Trump walks out of meeting with Democrats, says GOP is unified in shutdown showdown

The president also called the meeting a “total waste of time" in a tweet afterward.

National parks, air travel and beer: Shutdown impacts widely felt

The government shutdown may be partial, but it's still painful to those it impacts.

Rod Rosenstein expected to leave DOJ, reports say

Rod Rosenstein is expected to depart the Justice Department once a new Attorney General is sworn in, media reports say.

Missouri Legislature convening with new faces in many places

The Missouri General Assembly was to begin its historic 100th edition on Wednesday with new faces in many leadership positions

Turkey slams US request for assurances on Syrian Kurds

A strained morning of negotiation in Turkey ended without assurances of protection for forces that fought alongside U.S. troops against the Islamic State group, and indeed brought them fresh new threats from Turkey.

Russian lawyer who met Trump Jr. charged in unrelated case

Natalia Veselnitskaya attended a 2016 meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and Trump son-in-law, Jared Kushner, that was described to Trump Jr. as part of a Russian government effort to help his father’s campaign.

Pediatric nurse appointed to Arkansas marijuana board

A pediatric nurse has been appointed to the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission

  AP FACT CHECK: White House notion of Mexico as terrorism gateway is false

Despite their portrayal of Mexico as a teeming portal for terrorists, the State Department issued a report in September finding "no credible evidence" to back that assertion up.

Trump to address nation, plans border visit as shutdown lurches into 3rd week

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intends to begin passing individual bills to reopen agencies in the coming days, starting with the Treasury Department to ensure people receive their tax refunds.

Ginsburg will miss Supreme Court arguments for the 1st time

The 85-year-old Ginsburg is recuperating and will work from home after doctors removed two cancerous growths from her left lung on Dec. 21.

Russia: Too early to consider exchange of US spy suspect

Paul Whelan, a former U.S. Marine who also holds Canadian, British and Irish citizenship, was detained in Moscow in late December. His arrest has led to speculation that Russia could be using him to bargain for a Russian who pleaded guilty to acting as a foreign agent in the United States.

No breakthrough in shutdown talks as Trump stands by demands

With talks stalled, House Democrats plan to start approving individual bills to reopen shuttered departments, starting with the Treasury to ensure Americans receive their tax refunds.

Michigan congresswoman won’t apologize for colorful call to impeach Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she "wouldn't use" the salty comments about the president but said it was "nothing worse than the President has said."

Government shutdown may delay tax refunds

The IRS is one of the agencies affected by the partial government shutdown that went into effect the Saturday before Christmas. The government is at an impasse over President Donald Trump’s desire for $5 billion to fund a border wall.

GoFundMe for Trump’s border wall close to $19 million

More than 300,000 people have donated money in 18 days.

Pocahontas restaurant applies for alcohol permit

A little more than a month after Randolph County voters approved making the county wet, a Pocahontas restaurant has applied for a permit to serve beer and wine.

Pelosi voted House Speaker as new Congress gavels in

The 116th Congress has convened, with new lawmakers being sworn in Thursday, establishing a new balance of power in Washington and giving 2020 presidential hopefuls a chance to prove their bona fides.

New year begins with Romney, Trump at odds

Amid a government shutdown and a new congress, one freshman Republican senator is calling out the president.

New year, new Congress: Power dynamic in Washington changing soon

The shutdown standoff will dominate headlines as the 116th Congress gavels in, but there’s a lot more to the new power dynamic in Washington in 2019.

Little progress on shutdown, as Trump says it will last ‘as long as it takes’

The president said he was prepared to continue a standoff with Democrats “as long as it takes.”

Smithsonian museums, National Zoo close as government shutdown continues

If you planned to visit one of DC’s iconic museums, Tuesday was the time to do it.

Washington Gov. Inslee running for president

The governor’s intention to vie for the Democratic nomination was announced in an article published Wednesday in The Atlantic. He intends to focus on climate change as a threat to economic and natural systems.

Missouri lawmaker wants ban local rules for food packaging

A Missouri state lawmaker wants to ban local governments from regulating packaging for food and drinks.

Hemp firm partners with UA researchers to develop cannabis

A northwest Arkansas company plans to work with the University of Arkansas to grow, research and process hemp flowers for the budding cannabis oil industry.

Outgoing Arkansas mayor backs casino plan on last day

The outgoing mayor of Russellville chose his last day in office to express support for a Mississippi company's proposal to build a 600-room, $254 million hotel and casino in Pope County.

Federal workers sue government over lack of pay during shutdown

The union for federal employees claims the government is violating federal labor law by requiring those deemed “essential” to work without pay while the government is shut down.

Elizabeth Warren takes big move toward 2020 presidential run

Warren burst onto the national scene a decade ago during the financial crisis with calls for greater consumer protections. She quickly became one of the party's more prominent liberals even as she sometimes fought with Obama administration officials over their response to the market turmoil.