A Chef At NEA Baptist Hospital is Cooking Good and Healthy

JONESBORO (KAIT) When you hear the words "hospital food"-- a lot of things can spring to mind.

And not all of them good!

But that's not the case at one region eight medical center.

There is nothing better than a two egg omelet, but sometimes omelets may not be the healthiest way to eat.

A healthy omelet really starts with what you cook it in.

Chef Edward Cantin described it to me, "It's called a butter blend, transfat free and we blend it together to give us a higher smoke point and it allows the eggs not to stick to the pan."

On this particular morning chef Edward Cantin was cooking omelets.

Starting out with either real egg whites or an eggbeater type egg he then adds the ingredients.  All Fresh;

"Mushrooms, tomatoes, ham, sausage, bacon, onions, peppers and cheese."

All cooked the way the customer wants them with any kinds of ingrediencts, made to order.

Chef Edward left a restaurant in Memphis to come work at NEA Baptist Memorial, he is a contractor for Morrison Health Care.

Working with the dieticians he makes the food tasty and healthy.

Chef Edward, "We have guidelines we have to follow via the dietician and we use a lot of fresh herbs and spices and try and cut back on the sodium use. "

As Chef Edward cooked my omelet I asked Chief Dietician Stacy Romano if it is unusual to have a chef in a hospital.

"It's a trend that a lot of hospitals are going toward. A lot of your larger hospitals will have chefs but this is a first time to have a culinary chef and it is just a great thing."

I was watching Chef Edward real hard, trying to learn the secret of great omelet cooking.

As he stirred he explained the best techniques, "Now what I'm doing here is working the eggs so the eggs cook and plus it gives me a nice looking omelet.

It did look great and it was tasty as well.