Jonesboro City Council passes chain ordinance

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- For many animal advocates in Jonesboro, Tuesday's city council meeting was followed by a sigh of relief.

"I hear dogs barking--they are just as excited as every member of Northeast Arkansans for Animals and the hundreds of supporters that continually push for this,"  said NAFA's Wannda  Turner.

The council passed an ordinance prohibiting tethering or chaining dogs to a stationary object. Despite a long legislative history, and changes to the ordinance along the way, NAFA's Wannda Turner calls the ordinance a victory.

"I can honestly thank Chief Yates and Sergeant Larry Rogers from Animal Control because they stayed with me with this to get this to where the city could handle it to where it was legal so that they could enforce it," said Turner.

Despite the council's passage, not everyone was pleased.

"A 9X9 kennel is too small for a big dog," said Darren May.

Darren May has spoken out against this ordinance before. His concerns lie in part to the minimum size of a pen for a dog. The ordinance says there has to be at least 75 square feet in a pen.

"Initially the size of the pens we asked for were much bigger," said Turner.

Turner says because of the property restraints for some people who have very small yards, and close neighbors--they had to give a little bit.

"I hope people have common sense, and if they have room, then they have larger pens," said Turner.

The city's animal control director says the ordinance is complaint based and will be policed by animal control. Officials say the ordinance goes into affect immediately.