School zone speeders: how fast are they driving by your children?

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- Region 8 News observed two school zones, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We found people in a hurry, a big hurry.  We saw many drivers zoom past young children walking to and from school. Going speeds, in a school zone, faster than speeds posted on the signs. At Annie Camp Junior High, we did find some speeders.  That afternoon, at Jonesboro High School, Main Street seemed to turn into a drag strip for drivers.  Flashing lights didn't slow all of these drivers down.  We found people going over the 25 miles per hour sign posted. The cars weren't just flying by our camera, they were flying by students walking on the sidewalks. Some clocked at top speeds of nearly 20 over the 25 miles per hour sign posted.

For Jonesboro Police, they say speeding on Main Street is nothing new.

"It is an issue for us. Anything that deals with the safety of the students is obviously something that is a concern for us," said Jonesboro Police Departments, Sheridan Watts.  Watts is a school resource officer.

Even when the lights are flashing, they say it's not uncommon to see someone speeding through.

With the weather heating up, that means more kids outside.

"Teachers are going to start utilizing things like outside classrooms and doing more outside activities. That means more kids are going to be outside and near the roadway," said Watts.

There are additional penalties if you get a ticket in a school zone , but to school officials, kids, and their parents, there's a lot more at stake than just getting a ticket.

"You getting to work a little bit late is a lot better than you harming yourself or someone else," said Watts.