Afternoon Update - Thursday

Good Thursday afternoon. Here are some of the stories we are working on for Region 8 News on KAIT...

First and foremost, the Walmart "gang" rumor making rounds in e-mails and text messages is false. Click here for more.

Now to the news: with the advent of the Internet, where do libraries stand in the research process? Keith Boles takes a look at if libraries are still worth the time and effort when information is at most peoples' fingertips. The full report is on Region 8 News at Six.

An 11-month-old Region 8 boy has a rare, terminal disease but now his parents want screening for the affliction to be routine and they are pushing for a new law. See the story first here or tonight on Region 8 News at Five.

The first day of spring is Friday but will our temperatures be in spring-mode or still lagging behind in the winter numbers? Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan will have your forecast for the weekend on Region 8 News at Five, Six and Ten. StormTEAM weather online.

For the latest news anytime, go to and where we are always on. Have a great day!