Are School Libraries Obsolete?

WEINER (KAIT) With computers and Internet available almost everywhere outside and inside schools, does the school library still play an important part in the education process or is the school library obsolete?

I asked Ima Raye Hurdle the school librarian at Weiner if she thought the school library was obsolete.

"Oh, No, No, No! They have been the heart of the school forever."


Hurdle, "It's the one thing that touches everything in your school. And it's something that will go on with children after they graduate. They need to learn how to find information, you can't remember everything you learned in school. "

Junior Mallory Jordan says the library is keeping up with changing times, and doing it well.

"We have continued to get more computers and access to Internet and we continue to get newer books and our library is keeping up with the times."

Mrs Hurdle says the Internet has replaced a lot of reference books and older encyclopedias. Hurdle says she used to have a standard time to replace them but now she replaces when she feels the books are too worn and outdated.

Hurdle says even the name has changed over the years. "It used to be a library was just books and that's why a lot of people have changed the wording to library media center. To make the point there's a lot more here than books now.

But for a student writing a paper a book is a great place to start.

Junior Rachel Williams is writing a paper on birth order, she says it is a difficult subject and must go outside to find information.

"I generally go to the encyclopedias first. Mrs. Hurdle helps me find the one I'm looking for and then I read on that and then I take the sources in there and look them up on the Internet."

I asked Mrs. Hurdle to look into her crystal ball and tell me what she thinks the school library in 20 years will be like?

"I still believe there will still be books. There's just the personal aspect of holding a book."

Other than that she says she really doesn't have a clue.

The school library may change but Mrs. Hurdle says it will never be obsolete, and the skills learned in these rooms will last a lifetime.

"For the rest of their lives they'll learn how to find information they want and how to just read for pleasure."

Hurdle says kids still read but the style of books they read have changed a lot over the years.