Residents encouraged to get all of their debris ready for pickup

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- The days of debris lining almost every city street are coming to an end.  On Sunday all of the debris in Jonesboro is supposed to be on the side of the road so clean up crews can make their second pass through the city.   Even though there have been some weather delays and much more debris than the city planned for, crews should have all of the debris picked up and hauled away on time which will be a huge relief for a lot of residents.

"We've still got it all down our streets.  You can see our streets are lined with stuff," said Nancy Carter.

"I think it's going really slow.  I've got a bunch of yard work and I've got big piles still in my yard," said Mitch Evvert.

"We're getting there as fast as we possibly can," said Mayor Harold Perrin.

Crews are working seven days a week to get everything picked up.  Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin said the amount to be cleaned up was much more than expected.

"Right now we're at I'm going to say 280,000 cubic yards," said Perrin.

The original contract was for only 100,000 cubic yards.  Perrin said they are at about 85% cleaned up, and that number could climb to 350,000 to 400,000 cubic yards which will mean a bigger price tag.

"With the new figures of 400,000 then that number is going to go to $1.6 Million instead of $454,000 so that means the city will be putting out more money for this project," said Perrin.

A total that is about four times more.  Perrin said FEMA and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management will cover most of the cost but the city will be responsible for 12.5%.

Perrin said debris has already been picked up in some areas.  Now crews are preparing to make their second sweep across the city.

"The first round was all of town, in other words it was picked up all over, the second round will be by what we call routes and zones," said Perrin.

The Corps of Engineers has surveyed the remainder of the debris in town and will report to the mayor an estimated amount of debris that is left.