The benefit of age

The Department of Conservation offers three options for lifetime permits - Resident Lifetime Fishing, Resident Lifetime Small Game Hunting and Resident Lifetime Conservation Partner (combination of the other two).

Lifetime permits can be purchased at any age but the price drops considerably at age 60 (Is there a hidden message there?). The separate lifetime fishing or small game hunting permits are $35 each; the combination is $70. As someone who buys the annual permits each year, I will save $25 over the next five years by purchasing the Lifetime Conservation Partner Permit at age 60. Resident fishing and small game permits are not required once Missourians reach age 65.

The Lifetime Conservation Partner Permit also includes the Migratory Bird Hunting Permit, which I now purchase annually for $6, so I will save $6 per year for life by no longer having to purchase that permit. Other privileges packaged with the permit are the Trout Permit and the Conservation Order Permit. All privileges are provided for the life of the holder, even if they later move out of Missouri.

Younger folks may be interested in lifetime permits for themselves or as gift ideas for parents or children. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. Lifetime permits are not sold through permit vendors but applications can be obtained at Department offices where permits are sold.