Local animal shelter struggling through troubling times

Greene County, AR (KAIT) -- "If they're homeless and we can help them, we help them,' said Greene County Animal Farm Director, Brenda Ramthun.

These days, at the Greene County Animal Farm, they're helping more and more animals. They're doing so with a lot less resources.

"It's just gradually gotten worse and worse and then as of three months ago, it's really gotten worse," said Ramthun.

The Greene County Animal Farm is funded strictly by donations.  Director Brenda Ramthun says when the state of the economy started to decline, so too did the donations.  A sluggish economy to the recent ice storm has certainly taken it's toll on this shelter. In fact, the director says finances haven't been in this bad of shape since the shelter opened ten years ago.

"Between January and February, for the entire 4 weeks we brought in 150 dollars," said Ramthun.

Right now, the shelter is housing 56 dogs, 28 cats, 1 pig and 2 horses.  Ramthun says it takes 350 dollars a week just to feed their 56 dogs. She says each week the shelter is receiving more dogs simply because owners can't afford to feed them.

"Eight to ten months ago is when the phone wouldn't stop ringing with people wanting to surrender their animals," said Ramthun.

Bent and broken fences are evidence of the latest blow to the shelter. They were damaged during the ice storm, and there's really no money available to fix them. With more animals coming in daily, extra money is going to feed extra mouths.  Brenda Ramthun says they'll rely on donated materials to mend the kennels until they can be replaced.

If you would like to donate time or money to The Animal Farm or you have questions about services, call 870-240-8117.