Weather safety on the road

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- A lot of times when severe weather hits you're in your car and there is not a building where you can seek shelter.  The question is, "where do you go if there is a tornado?"

You've heard it and seen it many times before, people pulling off the side of the road and seeking shelter under a bridge or overpass.  But that is the last place you want to be.

A bridge or overpass separates the flow of the wind.  Meaning the wind accelerates like it's traveling through a tunnel and it can suck you out easily.

Another myth is people think they can outrun a tornado.  A storm chaser or trained spotter that knows about weather may be able to do this, but it's very dangerous.

A reason not to, people don't know which way the tornado is moving and that in itself is dangerous.  The way the roads lay is another key factor.  If you come to a dead-end there may not be a place to go.  By that time it may be too late to find shelter.

If it's just raining outside and we are seeing a normal thunderstorm, you want to stay in your car.  The steel frame of the car provides increased protection if you are not touching metal.  The rubber tires do not protect you.

However if there is a tornado that's a different story, you definitely want to get out of your car. That's because a tornado can easily pick a car up and launch it miles away.

The best place for you to be is in a low area and in most cases that would be a ditch.

If you know there is a threat of tornadoes it is best to be in a sturdy structure.

But, if you get caught off guard a ditch is your safest place.