Some businesses hoping to cash in on Arkansas lottery sales

Paragould, AR (KAIT) -- "Some weeks it's just booming--other weeks it's just a little bit here, a little bit there," said  Lynn Mayberry.  Lynn Mayberry manages Holiday Liquor Store in Paragould. She says these days, having a small business is tough.

"We're just going day by day on some weeks," said Mayberry.  Lynn is hopeful liquor stores like the one she manages will soon be able to sell lottery tickets.  Not only to keep the money in Arkansas, but to help small businesses like hers thrive.

"Instead of going to Missouri to get their lotto and wine. They could get it in their own hometown," said Mayberry.

"When I worked in Missouri, I bought them all of the time. It was just convenient," said Jonathan Hanna.

Jonathan Hanna still drives to Missouri to get his lottery tickets. He says it's something he just does for fun, and is glad he won't have to drive as far to play.

"It's better on gas than going over there.  All that money's going to Missouri instead of Arkansas and Arkansas really needs it," said Hanna.

"I think we lose a lot of money every week," said Mayberry.

Mayberry hopes that will soon change. While the specifics of how and where the games will be played have not been finalized, she hopes people who want to play the lottery can stay here to and their money will too.