Verdict reached in Shockley trial

WEST PLAINS, MO (KFVS) -- KAIT's sister station KFVS reporter CJ Cassidy is reporting that the jury in the Lance Shockley murder trial has reached a guilty verdict.

Shockley is on trial for shooting and killing Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Carl Dewayne Graham Jr.

Shockley could get the death penalty. Both Shockley and Graham were from Van Buren.

Prosecutors said Shockley's motive was Graham's investigation of Shockley for a fatal hit-and-run accident.

In testimony Thursday, Graham's neighbors recalled seeing a red Pontiac Grand Am. Shockley's grandmother testified he borrowed her red Grand Am earlier that day.

The defense called just one witness, a man who told authorities the car's license plates could have had an "L" or "M." The Grand Am plates had neither.

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