Weeks after the January ice storm, power crews are still cleaning up

Paragould, AR (KAIT) -- In the sunshine and pleasant temperatures, Paragould power crews are still dealing with the aftermath of January's brutal ice storm.  The storm took out at least 300 power poles and 125 transformers in Paragould alone. Bill McCartney, with Paragould Light Water & Cable, says the storm left behind around 3 and a half million dollars worth of restoration and clean up behind.

"We're finding broken poles daily that we're having to get locates on and go change out, that we didn't know were broken during the storm," said McCartney.

Officials say when the ice storm hit, their first priority was getting the power restored.   Even though all of the lights are back on, work for power crews is far from over.

"All of the customers lights are on. When I say lights, I mean their homes, industry and our commercials. We still have a lot of street lights and security lights that are out and that's our big focus right now," said McCartney.

McCartney says Paragould Light Water & Cable did hire some outside help during the first couple of weeks after the ice storm. Outside crews left after all of the residents and businesses got power restored. Now, McCartney says they're doing all of the clean up and restoration in house. He says they still need residents' help finding damaged or downed poles and wires.

"If you have something you think is power company related, please do call us because we want to know it. We don't know where everything is--it was just too widespread," said McCartney.

To report damage to Paragould Light Water & Cable, call 239-7700.