Offbeat: Spoon Lady

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-- You might say Carol Kay Moore has an affinity for musical instruments, especially unusual instruments.  But for Carol Kay, there's nothing more beautiful than the hormonic clickety clack clang of cutlery.

"Spoons would be my favorite unusual instrument," said Moore. "I love the spoons.  Ever since I heard a folk band play them 30 years ago, I've been playing the spoons. I fell in love with the music immediately, but the spoons just intrigued me totally."

Moore is a retired Valley View school teacher that's still educating the public through her music.  Several times a month she plays her collection of instruments for classes and groups around the area.  She plays the nose flute, the bowed saultry, the mouth bow, the thumb drum, the dulcimer, and the banjimer, a cross between a banjo and a dulcimer.

"If I don't show these instruments to them, they won't ever see them," said Moore. "Nobody else is going around playing them, so I still kind of think I'm in education."

Moore has picked up a reputation over the years and the nickname, 'The Spoon Lady.'  Even after thirty years, she still uses the first soup spoons she pulled from drawer.  She wrapped some tape around the handles to give them a little better grip and off she went, banging the spoons off different parts of her body.

"When I first started playing they would fly out of my hands, becasue I would hold them too loose." said Moore. "Other times, they wouldn't make a sound because I held them too tight. They're always in tune and they're very portable. They're more for my enjoyment, but it's a lot of fun to get to share my enjoyment with other people."