Marmaduke and residents are still recovering from 2006 tornado

Marmaduke, AR (KAIT) -- It's etched in the concrete in the back of the house.  It's a day you always remember," said Marmaduke resident, Lorie Long.

Lorie Long and her family are among the dozens of Marmaduke Residents that lost their home in the 2006 tornado that battered the town.

"You realize it's just stuff and it doesn't matter near as much as the family," said Long.

Long's family and many others rebuilt their lives. Their homes might have been blown away, but their roots remain firmly planted in Marmaduke.

Marmaduke Mayor, Byron Phillips, says not a day passes that he doesn't think about what his town and it's people endured on April 2nd and the days, weeks and years after. The town still only has one working tornado siren. It's located at the Marmaduke Fire Department.

"It scares me to death knowing that we don't have more," said Phillips.

The mayor says they were given 3 tornado sirens from the Pine Bluff Arsenal in early 2008, but the mayor says none of them work.

"They're very complex and electricians I have had look at them are having a really hard time figuring these out," said Phillips.

The mayor says they didn't budget for new sirens partly because they got the donated ones. After realizing the news ones aren't working, he says it's back to square one.

"My personal priority list as mayor, it's in the top two. Right now, it's number one," said Phillips.

As for Lorie Long, she's glad the city has the siren it does have--but she's taking her family's safety into her own hands. In her new home, there's a safe room--not only to provide shelter from the storm--but peace of mind as well.