Afternoon Update - Tuesday

Good Tuesday afternoon Region 8! Here are a look at your afternoon headlines from Region 8 News...

More tobacco taxes are going into effect Wednesday, with the federal tax set to more than double. How are stores near the Missouri-Arkansas state line being affected? One side is benefitting, and Josh Harvison finds out which at Five with the full report live on Region 8 News at Six.

The smoking tax is the subject of today's Web poll: How will the increased taxes affect your tobacco habits? Go to to vote now, even if you don't use tobacco!

A computer worm that is supposed to activate on April 1st may prove to be no joke. Almost 9 million PCs have been infected, according to an antivirus company. Lauren Payne will tell you what you need to watch out for on Region 8 News at Six and Ten.

Plus, after a wet Tuesday, will we see more rainfall or clearer skys for the rest of the week? See Ryan Vaughan's forecast tonight on Region 8 News at Five, Six and Ten, or find it here.

For the news anytime, visit where we are always on or on your mobile phone. One of today's most popular stories: Casinos in Arkansas? Click here to read what is being done that may result in a roulette wheel near you.