Conficker confusing computer experts, users

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "It's waiting for instruction. It has been determined that April 1st is the day of instructions," said Millenium 3's, Chase Gist.

What exactly those instructions are is baffling computer experts everywhere, and keeping computer users on high alert.

"There's just really no way to know how many computers out there are infected, and there really won't be a way to know until April 1st," said Gist.

Experts believe the Conficker worm took advantage of a hole in Microsoft Windows and began infecting computers. Since then, Microsoft has released a patch that is supposed to fix that hole. Experts believe the Conficker worm is a profit oriented virus.

"They really don't think it's there to wipe out all of your data; it's there to steal your data," said Gist.

It's data that could include credit card or social security numbers. Chase Gist, with Millenium 3, says computers can get infected just from web surfing or using peer to peer links like sharing music or downloading movies.

"The three different versions all sort of tailor around it's ability to either get around security or prevent you from removing it if it's already there," said Gist.

Chase Gist says he believes some of the answers to questions about Conficker will come on April 1st. Questions that include, how safe is your personal information that's out there? Gist says now more than ever, companies are spending millions to prevent customers personal information from being compromised.

"I guarantee you that the big names are prepared and more than likely you're probably not going to see a very big hit," said Gist.

Signs your computer may be infected with include:

Your computer not allowing you to visit anti virus websites

Computer is slower

Computer crashes at random

Getting a lot of pop-ups, or pop-ups when you aren't even visiting a Web site.

To help avoid getting a virus:

Experts suggest getting the Windows update from Microsoft

Don't go "click crazy" or click everything you see.

Never run ActiveX prompts from Web sites you don't trust and only run when necessary on any Web site.

If you use one of these tools to remove Conficker immediately install the MS08-067 patch afterwards.