WM3: Misskelley hearing continues in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jessie Misskelley was back in a Region 8 courtroom on Thursday for the continuation of his Rule 37 hearing seeking a new trial.  This is the third time Misskelley has been in Jonesboro for this hearing and it is far from over.

Former Misskelley attorney Dan Stidham was back on the stand picking up where he left off when the court recessed in November.  Prosecutor Kent Holt reviewed page after page of notes and billing documents with Stidham throughout the day to show what he did or did not do for his client leading up to Misskelley's conviction.

A lot of the things that were discussed including meetings with his client and what strategies were used have been discussed in length before.

It has been sixteen years since the murders and sixteen years that the Misskelley family has stood by Jesse.

"We just have faith that it will happen," said Debra Snyder.

Jessie Misskelley's aunt Debra Snyder says they believe he will get a new trial.  She says they have to have that type of faith to get through the years.

"We're ready for him to come home and start his life the best that he can.  I know that it will never be the same for him," said Snyder.

His family is always glad to see him, even if it means they have to be in a courtroom.

"The letters we get from him, he seems to be in a good mood and everything.  When we see him here in the courthouse he seems to be in a good mood," said Snyder.

But sitting in court can be difficult for the family, especially with the nature of the testimony.

"It's sickening at times.  I think they ought to just go on with it and quit asking the same questions over and over again," said Snyder.

Kent Holt from the Arkansas Attorney General's office was the lead counsel on Thursday replacing former prosecuting attorney Brent Davis who is now serving as a circuit judge.

One primary source of documents discussed is notes kept by Stidham during the pre-trial preparations in 1993.   The billing records kept by the attorney's were used as a point of reference for attorneys.

Holt also presented documents printed from Dan Stidham's website devoted to his speaking engagements about the case.

Misskelley will be back in court on Friday.