Misskelley hearing in recess, to continue in August

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - After hours of testimony and days in court there is still no word on whether Jessie Misskelley will get a new trial.  It has been well over a decade since Dan Stidham or Greg Crow have seen some of the documents being put in front of them to identify.  It has also been years since they've even thought about some phone conversations or meetings.  Now they are trying to remember details from 1993.

Stidham's former partner took the stand testifying about what he did for the case, testimony that included an audio tape recording between Misskelley and Crow post conviction.

The prosecution said the documents show the diligence Misskelley's lawyers put into the case before and after the trial.  However, Mark Byers whose son Christopher was one of the victims, said Stidham raised several good points during the hearing.

"You heard so much about the February 8th Misskelley confession in prison and how he couldn't put the bodies in the right location.  He couldn't put anything right," said Mark Byers.

"Nothing Jessie says is consistent.  He's all over the map with anything and everything," said Stuart Faulks.

Stidham's competence during the trial is the reason this hearing is even taking place.

"He was way over his head.  Very young, didn't have a lot of experience under his belt, first capital murder case, and he was under the impression that it was going to be a plea bargain," said Byers.

Since Misskelley had confessed, Stidham told the court he believed his client was guilty.  Later he became convinced Misskelley was not involved in the murders.  Supporters far and wide were on hand Friday for the hearing, including one who flew in from Australia.

"I believe three men are wrongfully incarcerated and I will keep coming until the day they are free," said Faulks.

There is no conclusion for this case yet.  The hearing will continue in August.

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