Afternoon Update - Monday

Good Monday afternoon Region 8! Here are some of the stories we're tracking on Region 8 News and on where we are always on...

First National Bank of Blytheville is merging with Southern Bancorp. Unlike traditional banks mergers, First National Bank will retain its chapter as it comes under the operating umbrella of Southern Bancorp. Read more on the merger on here.

A new report says aquifers (What is an aquifer?) found in 14 counties west of Crowley's Ridge are so low, if something isn't done, water may be rationed to farmers due to the shortage. The same report says Arkansas farmers are pumping more water from these aquifers than can be replenished. Josh Harvison has more details on Region 8 News at Five and Six.

Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan says some extremely cold temperatures may be moving in to Region 8, posing a threat to plants and flowers amongst other things. He'll give you the forecast on Region 8 News at Five, Six and Ten and Keith Boles will show you how gardeners, professionally and not, are protecting their plant-life from winter's cold touch at Five and Six.

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