AZ State wildlife officials order investigation into capture of jaguar

By Christopher Francis - email

Arizona Game and Fish will investigate the capture of a wild jaguar in Southern Arizona who later was put down.  In a statement Tuesday night, Game and Fish said it had "received new information today concerning the events surrounding the Feb. 18 initial capture of the jaguar known as Macho B."

Wildlife workers outfitted the cat with a satellite tracking collar.  Macho B was later euthanized at the Phoenix Zoo after vets determined he had acute kidney failure.
"This agency is committed to a thorough review of all facts and circumstances related to the original capture," said Game and Fish director Larry Voyles in the statement. "The department's investigative protocol requires careful protection of relevant information pending an outcome, but once the process concludes, we will disclose information to the extent allowable by law."  
Wildlife workers are still waiting for more extensive test results on the jaguar to determine the extent of its illness.