Afternoon Update - Tuesday Afternoon

Good Tuesday afternoon Region 8! Here are some of the stories we're tracking on Region 8 News...

A small airplace has crashed in Corning, according to authorities, but no one was hurt. It happened just about 11:45 AM when a crop duster taking off got to an altitude of about 150 feet when the engine died. The pilot was able to take the plane down into a field safely.  Read the full story first here on

The Weiner School District is being forced to consolidate/annex into another district within the next two years. The school has to average 350 new enrollments over a two year period and reportedly is just short of that number. Josh Harvison will have a live report on Region 8 News at Five and Six with more.

Following yesterday's bomb threat scare at a local hospital, what protocols are in effect for the police and the hospital during an emergency like yesterday? Keith Boles take an in-depth look at what hospitals must do during a potential emergency and how other area hospitals are affected when one is in a situation. See him on Region 8 News at Five and Six.

Plus, Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan says the temperatures will be warming up Wednesday to finally get us out of this cold slump. Is that the last cold blast of the season? He'll tell you more on Region 8 News at Five, Six and Ten. StormTEAM Weather.

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