UALR: No more cheerleaders, bringing back the pom squad

Remember the "Trojans in Motion" from the Mike Newell days of UALR basketball? UALR appears to be returning to those days, announcing Tuesday that it will discontinue its cheerleading program and create a pom squad focusing on crowd interaction, crowd involvement, dance and more.

Couldn't come a moment too soon is our opinion. Sorry if that ruffles some feathers. But, really, what's the point in a 38-person cheerleading squad like last season, or having 40-year-old cheerleaders?

The only crowd involvement with the spirit group usually occurred twice a night at typical UALR basketball games: with the incredibly talented male gymnast of recent seasons who went flying in somersaults across the court, and when Curtis would shake and jive to "Mambo No. 5." For some reason, Curtis got relegated to his seat in the stands, but still got more attention than anyone with his dance moves.

We're not sure precisely when the "Trojans in Motion" ceased to exist, but they were certainly an active bunch at the games during their times. OK, they looked great and put on a good show during time outs.

Coincidentally, UALR hasn't made it back to the NCAA Tournament since UALR's dance-squad days. Maybe the quality of the teams's guards was better then, too. Still, we laud this the right move for the program.

Sadly, though, some students who were part of the cheerleading program will lose scholarship money and may have to transfer. At least that's what we gathered in a recent TV report on KTHV when cheerleaders found out about rumors of the switch and wanted UALR assistant athletic director Gary Hogan to let them know so they could make plans.