'Saggy pants' ban working at local mall

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - While some Tennessee lawmakers are on a mission to ban saggy pants, one Mid-South mall is already enforcing such a rule.

Officials at Wolfchase Galleria won't to tell you what size pants to buy, but while you're looking for that perfect new pair to snag, they might tell you to pull the ones you're wearing up.

Dearn Woodward and her granddaughter, Brooke Johnson, weren't afraid to show their disgust at people who choose to show what should be underneath their pants.

"It's called underwear," Woodard said.

"It goes under your clothes," Johnson added.

But Woodard and Johnson are skeptical about whether or not a law to criminalize saggy pants would actually be enforced.

"They need to do it not say it," Woodard said.

To see if it's possible to regulate how people dress, we headed to one spot that's already trying it.  Our camera didn't catch any saggers in sight.

Shari Hyde, an employee at Wolfchase, said the mall's policy must be working.

"I haven't really noticed people wearing saggy pants here, and I work here," Hyde said.

While Wolfchase's policy managed to stop saggers, Hyde thinks the government shouldn't be in the fashion business.

"It's people's choice if they choose to sag their pants. I don't think a bill would stop them," she said.

A Tennessee house committee passed a bill introduced by Rep. Joe Towns that would levy fines up to $1,000 for wearing pants that expose underwear or skin below the waist.

The bill excludes thong swimsuits and clothing worn in fashion shows. The Tennessee Senate withdrew its 'saggy pants' bill, so passage this year is unlikely.