Viewer e-mail: Wet or Dry In Craighead County

Nov 15 2:46pm
Name: Steve Gage
Subject: Wet or Dry?
Comment: It's appears there is an obvious bias at KAIT toward making
Craighead County wet.  What happened to unbiased reporting instead of
promoting an agenda?

Nov 15 2:52pm
Name: Jeremy
Subject: Wet vs. Dry
Comment: Look around the city ....It is basically "wet" now! Those who
preach against alcohol have no problem eating in restaurants in Little
Rock or Memphis, that serve alcohol. Why not here? It doesn't have to be
sold in grocery stores or quick shops...just package stores only...outside
of city limits. Do you really think ASU is dry?...c'mon.

Nov 15 2:56pm
Name: Dianne
Subject: Wet or Dry
Comment: I enjoy the living in a dry county, even though it isn't really
dry. My thoughts, I wish it was totally dry, including private clubs.

Nov 15 3:13pm
Name: Chris and Lesa Perry
Subject: Wet/Dry Debate for Craighead County
Comment: Opposed to CC receiving legal status to sell alcohol.

Nov 15 3:33pm
Name: Hannah Hollingsworth
Subject: DRY!!!
Comment: DRY!!!

Nov 15 4:29pm
Name: Dustin Smith
Subject: Should be a wet county
Comment: Dear sir or madame,

I am in support of lifting the dry county restrictions in Arkansas.

By Craighead county being dry, it has signifanctly hurt its growth and
development.  Jonesboro can not continue to grow at an acceptable rate to
put its entire population to work without it.  Every year it loses
hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues because of this issue.  It
does not attract large convientions, additional major industrial business
(fortune 500+), and even better resturants due to this issue.  Several of
the large companies that have located in Jonesboro in the past 15 years
have had problems maintaing their top level executives due to this issue
as well.  It is really hurting Jonseboro's growth and development.

Nov 15 4:34pm
Name: Joyce Harlan
Subject: Dry vs. Wet
Comment: This county has never been dry.  Anyone who wanted to drink
alcoholic beverages could do so.  The restrictions were on the places it
could be purchased and the locations where it could be consumed.  People
are more mobile today than ever before in history.  They can drive to
Memphis or Little Rock to shop for clothing, bulk groceries, or luxury
items.  They can drive 6-10 miles to get their alcohol.  I have no
sympathy for their issue.  If they don't like the inability to drink their
beverage with their meal in public, stay at home to eat.  Invite their
friends to drink.  But leave me alone when I do choose to go out to eat
with my family and don't want to smell their beverages, hear their raucous
language, and witness their inability to control themselves.

Nov 15 4:38pm
Name: Andrea Harder
Subject: wet vs. dry
Comment: Legalizing the sale of alcoholic beverages to the general
population of Jonesboro and Craighead county would give all the residents
equal rights.  It would also increase state and county revenue from
alcohol taxes.  I think it is a good idea to make Craighead county wet
again because it makes good economic sense and sets a fair standard for
all citizens. Whether you are a member of a private club or go out to eat
at O'Charley's; whether you want a Manhatten or a beer an adult should be
able to decide for his or herself.  Without socio-economics coming in to

Nov 15 5:34pm
Name: Barry Doyle
Subject: Alcohol in Craighead
Comment: With the addition of a wet county, Jonesboro would become one of
the greastest places to be. Main Street Jonesboro could really become an
awesome place to be. Imagine a comparison between Beale Street or Bourbon
St to our own Main St in Jonesboro. ASU would loose its trademark as a "go
home every weekend" campus. The attendence at ASU athletics would more
than double.

Nov 15 5:41pm
Name: Kim Pegg
Subject: wet/dry Craighead
Comment: Craighead County should stay "dry"

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