Viewer e-mail: Wet or Dry In Craighead County

Nov 15 6:44pm
Name: mike
Subject: wet or dry?
Comment: What was the overwhelming results of the last election regarding
this issue?

Nov 15 6:44pm
Name: Jay
Subject: Wet vs Dry  Craighead County
Comment: I would vote for making the county wet even though I myself don't
drink.  I think that having a dry county is a violation of our freedom as
American citizens.  We are adults with the rights to free will.  I also
feel KAIT is bias on alot of news stories.  It is always apparent how the
reporters feel about what they are reporting on.  The news should be told
impartially so the veiwer can make up their own mind not be influenced by
a reporter.

Nov 15 6:45pm
Name: Stan
Subject: wet dry
Comment: It is a shame that the few who want this county to stay dry force
those who want to buy liquor drive out of the county to purchase liquor.
All this does is create the potential for more accidents. Also provides
jobs and tax revenue to the surrounding counties that should be kept in
Craighead county.

This is the wettest dry county in Arkansas.

Nov 15 6:48pm
Name: kathleen payton
Subject: wet or dry?
Comment: Craighead county voters should be allowed to vote on the wet-dry
issue. Craighead county should be getting revenue from the liquor sales
instead of the neighboring counties. I'm very frustrated that very few
people are making so much money off the sale of liquor in Craighead county
and on the county lines. Craighead county needs the taxes from these
liquor sales and maybe we would not get another tax increase

Nov 15 6:56pm
Name: Clay
Subject: to go wet
Comment: Working at a local hotel I have the opportunity to greet
thousands of out of town guests every year. The bewildered looks that we
get when explaining that this is a dry county and they can't buy alcohol
locally is embarrassing.

Alot of our guest to Jonesboro feel like they have step back in time and
some make comments about how backward we are!

Nov 15 7:01pm
Name: Tom Lloyd
Subject: Wet  vs. Dry
Comment: Those who want us to stay dry are those who have thier own fine
country clubs to have thier wine with fine food. Those who want us to stay
dry are those who travel to Memphis or Little Rock and eat in restaurants
that serve liquor, enjoys a fine meal with or without it.  They would
still have the same choices if we were wet.  So where's the hipocrisy?
Let the small guy enjoy a fine meal with a fine glass of wine too!

Nov 15 7:11pm
Name: Jeff
Subject: it's time to go wet
Comment: Jonesboro is long over due to get real and put it to a vote.

The zoning board can limit the number of areas within the town that could
sell liquor.  By designating say 7 or 8 areas each several blocks square
as wet areas where liquor stores could sell the alcohol. This would help
control what some of those against it fear that every corner would have a

Nov 15 7:27pm
Name: Ashley
Subject: this is the 21st century
Comment: This county should go wet and join the rest of the country in the
21st century.

Nov 15 7:56pm
Name: Roy Bowles
Subject: DRY!!!
Comment: I believe the survey is leaning toward the "wet" side because a
lot of the "dot Com-ers" considers drinking as an accepted social "norm".
I hope that they are not the voting majority.  I feel like the land owners
of the county should be the ones to vote on an issue, not college students
or pass-through renters, because we are the ones that it would effect the

Nov 15 8:11pm
Subject: Wet or Dry
Comment: I think the county should ne wet,It is anyway with the private
clubs.                   Close the private clubs, and u would se the
county go wet, If people want have a place to go for a beer they shold b a
place for them to drink, Solets vot the con wet.  Burl Turman

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